in laws teasing me

Mar 7, 2015
hi friends

i got married last year. my mil and both of my sils are teasing for my appearance. my sil are very fair and colour than me. so for everything my mil compares me with them. my sils are saying that i am not a good match for their brother. our marriage is love cum arranged. we both me and my husband struggled a lot for our marriage. my in laws are really hurting me. always talking about my beauty. they all laughing by commenting my appearance. their wordings are more painful. please tell me how to avoid such talks. what can i do for my appearance?


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Jun 25, 2014
if you are not a perfect match, then why they bring you into their family? just ask them about it.

you can never avoid such talks dear. they don't change. so try to change yourself. you should have to practice to adjust or ignore these talks.

don't allow anyone to hurt you. beauty is not in face or colour. it is about having good mind and thoughts. people like your mil and sil never understand this. so don't take their words into heart. you know them very well. they will do like this only. why should you allow them? they are happy when you are getting hurted with their words or actions. so just show them that you are not hurted with their talks. show them that you never mind about such things.

everybody must have some special talents. find out what you have and explore it. people wont discuss about your appearance, they will discuss about your talent.

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