Infertility Tests and Treatments


Friends's of Penmai
Apr 22, 2010
I had been in TTC for more than 3 years and just I asked myself why i am ??? why i didn't get baby??? but after going to the hospital i had seen many "I"s there.... taking treatment for infertility.

The basic reason behind infertility is change in the lifestyle. I just got confused about the test and the treatment available for that.

On the first scan where i had diagnosed with PCOS, i thought that it is incurable and i won't get child hereafter. But after searching many in the net i founded PCOS is simple comparing to other problems.

Here is the thread to those peoples who had suffered like me, who doesn't have knowledge in the treatment of infertility.

The first question is when there is a need to go to the hospital.

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