Infertilty treatment @Indigo womens center

Jun 28, 2017
After many months and tears, four months ago, we had our baby boy thanks to your care Dr.Sarat and Dr.Surakshith and staffs at Indigo Womens Center, annanagar, Chennai . Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for such a beautiful gift! He is such a joy and blessing. Without your support and hard work, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for the smiles and the positive attitude every time we came in for a blood test or procedure. We couldn’t be happier
Thank you so much Dr.Sarat and Dr.Surakshith for all of your help with my beautiful, ICSI miracle baby boy, We're happy and my family is now complete. The staff at Indigo Womens Center , annanagar, Chennai are amazing and I will never forget the passion and understanding they showed me.

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