inlaws treating badly for baby

Feb 27, 2015
married before 5 years still dont have baby. we both have problem all of them in our family knows it. but my mil treating badly for this. she is hurting me ver much. i am so much upset. i feel that even to end my life. my husbandalso hurting me...


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai.....Balasundari @balasundari k

Sad to note your state.

Please do not take any hasty decisions.

Nowadays this situation is very common among many couples.

When both of you have the problems, how can your husband blame only you for the situation?

Are you undergoing any treatments?

If you are under treatment, then leave them for 1 year or so. sometimes it may work.

Or, if you haven't gone for any treatment, please do try them .

If no treatment helps you, then you both may Opt for adopting a child.

You may tell your husband that you feel very hurt when he is blaming only you for this, while he is also responsible.

You should tolerate your MIL's ill treatment for this and just move away from that place when she is scolding you.

Then, the most important thing which you should follow daily is, once you wake up in the morning, you should tell to yourself, "I will surely deliver a healthy child very soon". Tell this about 10 times to yourself.

This will surely give confidence to your mind and will surely help you to get conceived. Positive vibrations/thoughts will surely help you. Anxiety will never help to get conceived.

You may please follow the below suggestions.

you can follow the Shasti viradham which helps many women to get conceived very soon.

Chanting The below slogams also help in get conceiving. Please click the below links in blue colour.

Mantras to get Pregnant and for Safe Delivery

Garbarakshambika slokam

Particular slogam in Soundarya Lahari

Santana gopala mantra

Swayamvara parvathi mantra

Rajarajeswari mantram of Garbarakshambika for pregnancy

புத்திர பாக்கியம் அருளும் துர்கா சுலோகம்

Mantras in Tamil

Abirami mantra

ஆண் குழந்தை பிறக்க

Garbha rakshambigai Gayathri Mantra to conceive and also to prevent abortion

Garbarakshambigai Sloka to conceive

Read more: INDEX thread for Slokas

All the best and I am sure that you are going to lead a wonderful married life along with your children very soon.

We also pray for you to get pregnant very soon.

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