Instant Ways To Cover Grey Hair


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Jun 8, 2011
You need not be 40 to be worried about grey hair these days. Even 15-year-old have grey strands these days. Streaks of grey may look elegant on an elderly lady, but at 25, it is embarrassing. There is not much to choose from premature greying as it is a harsh reality of the stressful lifestyle we are living. Assuming you are not prepared to face grey hair yet and suddenly you are confronted with a few strands of grey hair. What will you do?

These are few easy ways to cover grey hair instantly.

Ways To Cover Grey Hair Instantly:
Tweeze It: Sorry girls, we too have heard the myth about having more grey hair if you pick out one. But do you really have a choice here. You have to go to a party and suddenly you spot few ugly grey strands. You cannot possibly stay back to colour your hair. So don't pick it but chop it as close to the roots as you can. It will obviously grow back, but you can manage to fight it on some other day.

Change Your Parting: Most often we discover grey hair, while combing our hair. The most striking thing about this problem is that it is always found in the most visible part of your hair. However, there is a simple solution to it. Change the hair parting while combing. For example, if you have a middle parting, comb your hair sideways to cover grey hair.

Use Eyeliner: This might look patchy but it is one of the best ways to cover grey hair instantly. If your hair is greying at the roots, then rub your black eyeliner pencil on your hairline. To cover the whole length of the grey hair, use liquid eyeliner. Remember to give it some time to dry, or else, it will smudge off leaving your hair bare.

Going Hippie: Although it is not strictly in fashion, but wearing a bandana or a wide hair band can cover grey hair to a large extent. You can easily try this style during the day if you are wearing a sunny outfit. This idea does not apply to all situations as you cannot carry this hairdo with all kinds of dresses.

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