Inter Relegion Marriage

Sep 9, 2011
Hi all, I am Sri Rekha a Hindu girl in love with a Christian boy. We both were studied in the same college at Cbe. We love each other very much and our relationship is 6 years old. We thought that we will remain in our own religions and have two marriages - Chriatian and Hindu. My parents are OK with it, but his parents want me to convert to Chriatianity.

We are trying to convince them that even though I wont convert I will still come to Church and we can follow both the religions, however it is not looking like they are going to get convinced.

I want to know if there are any people who had inter religion marriage between Hindu - Christian. Do you think we will face any problems in the future because of two religions?

Does anyone know any couple who had an inter religion marriage? Please advise.
May 14, 2011
hi rekha, it depends that how stubborn you are in your love. I was a bhramin girl at the time of our marriage and after an year of husband is a christian and he never compelled me to read the bible or come to church, not even once and at the time of delivery, it was a prematured one at 9 months, after 7 hours of struggle with membrane rupture,my babyboy was born naturally with good health, but for an inflammation in his head, just after 3 minutes of my prayer to Jesus by normal delivery. From that i started worshipping jesus and all my relatives are in touch now after many years. I didnt have any plans to go to church before marriage and we have not decided anything about following any religion.but consult a lawyer about the wedding before conducting it. If he is a catholic guy, you didnt mean his custom whether csi/eci/ag/catholic. If ur love on each other lives even after the marriage, you can have a successful wedding life.analyze well and then decide.what about the next generation? Which custom will they follow? I will pray to the Lord so that to give a clarity to your mind to decide.

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