International Day of Families


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Jul 5, 2011
International Day of Families

On International Day of Families, we spoke to those who have managed to strike that delicate balance between work and family

There is an international "something" for almost every day of the year. And today just happens to be International Day of Families, which has been celebrated for the past 18 years. This year, the theme centers on the 'work-family' balance. Though there have been constant debates about which is more important - work or family - there are those lucky few who have found the right balance.

Make time for each other
To maintain a steady and successful relationship, spending time with your partner is essential. Sandhya Venkat, mother of a six-month-old, says, "It's all about time management. Now that my husband and I have a baby, sometimes it's difficult, but it's important to have an understanding with your partner. Also, having an efficient and trustworthy staff to help you makes things a lot easier."

As for the newlywed entrepreneur Kaustubh Kavathekar, he says, "Since both of us are so busy, we try 'stealing time'. For example, I might drop my wife to work so we get that extra time together. Also, both of us love surprises, so one day I might land up at her workplace and take her for a movie."

Life around kids
When a child enters the family, simple joys get doubled -and so does responsibility. When asked, fashion expert Ritu Pandey says, "Bangalore is a good city for a family. My husband and I make sure that anytime one of us is away from home, the other stays behind with our 12 year old."

But the most favoured solution to strike this balance is to have a positive mindset towards any situation. "The only way I manage to balance my work and lead a happy life with my family is by never losing my cool. Being calm and composed always works for me," says Veena Nanda, a single mother.

It's important to prioritise
Facing constant work pressures and leading a happy family life is never easy. Event manager and father of two, Oum Pradutt, says "My wife and I calendar our whole week in advance so that balancing between family and work becomes easy. Moreover, it's difficult only when you look at family time as a chore. As for me, it's effortless as I enjoy spending time with them."

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