introducing food to breastfed babies


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May 21, 2011
Hey Priyanga,
You can start with mashed vegetables. you still have to breast feed regularly and convert one time of breast feeding into vegetables... Start with potato, carrot,peas and fruits like apple,banana.
boil it first(even the fruits,except banana)and mash it in the mixie. You can start giving cerelac as early as 5 or 6 months. 4 months is early as cerelac has milk, and some baby cannot digest the milk proteins.
You can substitute biscuits like milk bikis/parleg. just half biscuit first and then depending upon how she takes it. move to 1..
you van also give ragi..just 1/2 spoon first..without adding salt or sugar.
as rani says, manna health mix.
pottukadalaiya nalla powder panni.. just like ragi....
but this should do as you are also breast feeding . she will feel full..
Please check with your pediatrician too before giving any solid food. She will give the right advice.:)
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Oct 29, 2011
In manna health mix they r introducing (For bonnie baby). Its like navathaniyam and mix it with panai vellam.



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Jul 5, 2011
Fantastic Finger Foods for Babies

Here are a few nutritious foods to help your little person on the road to culinary independence.

When you’ve spent months nursing, preparing bottles, or spooning puree into a hungry mouth, it’s pretty exciting when your child begins to feed herself. Here are a few foods to help your little person on the road to culinary independence.

Banana slices
It’s the rare baby who will turn up her nose at bananas. Cut a circular slice into quarters, to make sure your baby doesn’t choke. Standing these pieces on end can make them easier for a baby to grip.

Tofu cubes
Soft, packed with protein, and relatively easy to handle, tofu is a favorite in our household.

Homemade, wholegrain pancakes
Try making buckwheat pancakes or using another whole grain. Mix in fruit puree, yogurt, flaxseed oil, and tahini for extra nutrition.

Peeled pieces of plum, peach, or mango
These soft fruits are a sweet treat, rich with vitamins and fiber.

Soft, cooked pieces of pasta
Whole-grain pastas are best for your child. Try whole-wheat, buckwheat, spelt, or quinoa.

Avocado slices
Soft avocado is easy to swallow and full of healthy fats and fiber.

Steamed veggies
Steam up a batch of thinly sliced carrots, broccoli, and potatoes, and cut them into tiny pieces.

Oat Os
Cheerios is a popular first finger food. But healthfood store versions have less sugar and more fiber.
While there are babies who will eagerly gum mature cheddar, you’re safer with mild cheese like mozzarella, string cheese, or Babybels.

Small pieces of wholegrain breads, tortillas, or muffins
Give your baby one small piece at a time, or she may try to stuff them all in at once.

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