Iron-some informations


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Apr 6, 2012
The ideal iron intake is

For adult men-28mg/day
For adult women-30mg/day
pregnant women-38mg/day
growing children-20-30mg/day

People who consume antacids or aspirins in excess can develop iron deficiency as it interferes with iron absorption

Diet containing high amt of fish and chicken permit high iron absorption than that of cereals.

Women lose about 1mg of iron on everyday during menstural period.

Tea coffee and other caffeinated bevrages decrease the absorption of iron.

milk is a poor source of iron.

Excess intake of iron can cause damage to the liver.

Good sources of iron are
potatoes with skin,spinach,broccoli,cabbage,lettuce,cauliflower greens,turnip greens,
bean sprouts and tomato.Black beans,chickpeas,kidney beans,soya in all its forms.
Wholegrains,brown rice, and cereals.

Dry fruits like apricots,avocados,raisins,dates,figs.

Trick to get more iron out of our food is to have food high in vitamin C like orange ,
sweet lime,guava,amla,capsicum,pappaya and grapes.

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