is ammonium lauryl sulfate bad for natural hair?



my friend advised me to use sls free shampoo. and i bought himalaya anti hair fall shampoo. when i look for shampoo ingredients noticed that it has ammonium lauryl sulfate content.

is it bad for hair. shall i continue to use this shampoo? what makes it differ from sls. could anyone suggest me.


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Sep 3, 2012

SLS Free Shampoos!!
Have you been thinking that a shampoo that gives good lather/Foam is a Best Shampoo?? I used to assume that the More foams a Shampoo Makes, the best it is… But Its Wrong!! Actually this lore has been widespread for a While here.. Do you Know Why some shampoos give more lather/foam?? Its because of SLS content in them..

SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Its an effective cleansing agent, which basically means a “Detergent” that is present in a Wide range of personal hygiene products including shampoos/ floor cleansers.. Yup It Cleans only the Surface of anything that’ll be touched by it.

SLS is a harsh chemical on the hair and scalp, Our hair & scalp absorbs everything we put on it. These Sulfates not only will make your hair fall out, but also dry out your hair and scalp. One of Ma good friends Said that when you smell a shampoo that contains SLS and get some of this product in your nose, it’ll Cause your nose burn and in some cases even bleed.

Yup Its very Important to Know What We’re using on Our hair.. A good thing is that you can overcome all the damage by switching to a sulfate free shampoo.

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And Coming to your Q - Yeah Sulfates dry out your hair and scalp. ALS is Way worse than Sodium. It is more drying and it damage hair and scalp.

Common surfactants you may find in the Ingredients list.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate- VERY harsh. Will strip your hair.

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate- Very harsh, but better than Ammonium Lauryl sulfate.

TEA lauryl sulfate- some sources say this is gentle. BUT, MEA/DEA/TEA are all substitutes for ammonia and are just as damaging. I would stay away.

TEA laureth sulfate- same as above.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- Better, but still harsh

Sodium Laureth Sulfate- Gentle, good pick. This is the most common one. This one is ok to use, but there are even more gentle ones you can use.

Sodium Myreth Sulfate- This is very gentle. Often found in baby shampoos.

Cocamidoprpyl Betaine- This is very, very gentle. Often found in baby shampoos. This ingredient is also found in conditioners. It is the reason that light conditioners are able to clean your hair.

Decyl Polyglucose- Most gentle surfactant. I've never used it, but some say it is TOO gentle to be effective in cleansing.

Sorbitan Laurate-mild surfactant

PEG 80- mild surfactant

Polyoxethylene fatty alcohols- VERY mild

Polyoxethylene sorbitol esters- VERY mild

Alkanolamides- VERY mild

Sodium lauraminopropionate- VERY mild

Himalayas - hmm Yeah Kinda Mild Shampoo.. If you Wish, Just continue.. I Never use products with either. It May lead to itchy, Dry scalp. Always try to use an organic shampoo :)


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