Is marriage the key to (eternal) happiness?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Is marriage the key to (eternal) happiness

Marriage has been an institution that has been considered crucial to the very fabric of the society.

But recent studies have shown that marriage has been overrated by people in comparison to the pros and cons of wedlock and cohabitation. These studies go on to claim that it is a myth that marriage has health and happiness advantages.

Most of us will agree to the fact that the 'honeymoon period' is short-lived and when reality strikes, it strikes hard. Lead author Dr Kelly Musick, from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University in New York, says, "While married couples experience health gains - likely linked to the formal benefits of marriage such as shared healthcare plans, cohabiting couples experienced greater gains in happiness and self-esteem. For some, cohabitation may come with fewer unwanted obligations than marriage and allow for more flexibility, autonomy, and personal growth.

Expert talk

Mansi Hassan

It is true that couples who are married are healthy and happy because of the mere fact that their life has a determined routine, they have activities planned, they go out and socialise with people. All this does contribute in they being happy and content. They have a support system always to fall back onto and this can more or less be achieved through a married life. But in case a couple in cohabitation, if are truly committed and feel secure in their relationship, will be as content as any other couple in a wedlock.

Chandni Mehta

I will not say that being married does not have health benefits. It is definitely not a myth. There is a sense of stability and permanence in a marriage. Couple who are living in definitely do try and work towards their relation and I have seen that they do not take their partners for granted just because of the fear of losing him/her. Having children and planning for the future is something everyone looks forward to and has a feel good factor to it. One always has such discussions with one's spouse rather than a person you are simply living with.

What women say

Suleka Sharma, media professional

In today's scenario, the conventional meaning of marriage holds no water. I feel living in is the solution for young couples these days. Indians are totally confused about the terms marriage and sex. For us, both are synonymous. Wellness and happiness has nothing to do with the marital status.

Sanjana Mehta, graphic designer

A happy marriage surely will keep a person in good health and cheer. Having the right partner can give a person a strong sense of stability which helps in his/her overall well-being. However, in current times most marriages are crumbling or are not really happy. But that doesn't mean these individuals don't keep good health. At the end of the day, it's how a person handles his life and takes care of his self-esteem which will determine his happiness quotient.

Priya Mukhi, wedding planner

I think the problem lies with expecting too much out of a marriage. Remove your blinkers, and you'll be just fine. Marriage is a mixed bag, you win some, you lose some. At no time will it be all bliss or all blues. Keep your expectations real and you'll not be disappointed. Have stars in your eyes and you could be biting dust. Also, marriage is a lot of hard work, but , invariably, if you've made a go of it, you'll have something nice to say about it.
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