Is marrying fast important or marrying right guy important?

Jul 26, 2013
Hi all,

I am 29 yrs female.

As am gg to be 30, relatives trying to get me married soon.

But not getting a good guy. Relatives pressurizing to marry guy who is 1 year+ younger than me. I don't like the idea of marrying younger guy.

They telling if you don't want this groom, is hard to get to another groom.

Should i marry juz for sake of marrying or should i marry the guy i feel is suitable?


Citizen's of Penmai
Jun 25, 2014
hi meena, if i were in your situation, i would not accept to this marriage. i don't think that getting married with younger one will work out. usually maturity level of the boys are comparatively very low than the girls. so only, our ancestors given some terms accordingly. Boys should be elder than brides. It is only for balancing between boy and girl to lead a healthy marriage life.

But now a days, some people are okay with age constrains of bride and groom. Again its fully depending on your choice only. If you don't want get married to him, please say no to him. Because if you are accepting this guy for your family sake, surely this matter will be itching to your marriage life. If you face any problem or in case of any misunderstandings or fights, you may think that it would be avoided if you married to elder one. After that for everything, you will make comparisons which will disturbs your marriage life.

Before making any decision, think pros and cons of this type of marriage and if you are fully satisfied with this, then said ok for this marriage. or else its better to say no to this marriage.

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