is my mother in law is psycho?

Jul 5, 2014
i have been married for 5 years. we are living with our inlaws after our father in laws death. my mother in law is creating more problems. she is just discussing old issues and fight again and again. we both me and my husband said that its all over but she is not at all listenting. she is taking two to three old problems in week and arguementing with us. (you had done this wrong to me and to my husband)

what can i do now? we are totally disguessed with her attitude.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Vanitha.

Sad to know about the behaviour of your MIL.

She might be upset after your FIL's death and may be due to the feeling of insecurity (she might feel) without her husband, she might think that, due to past problems, you people might leave her unattended. This may also be the reason for such behaviour of hers.

So, now you are quite familiar of such behaviours of hers.

So, what you could do now is, just ignore all her complaints and fightings about the past.

Whenever and whatever she complains about the past happenings, just tell her "yes mother / athai......all the mistakes which happened during that happening is only due to my mistake. I am sorry for that.....please don't mention all those things....we are here to look after you very well.....we need your guidance too for running the family".

You may need to tell like this, even if they were not your mistakes at all.

Please do not fight with her, as she might have been mentally upset due to the loss of her husband and insecured feeling.

After this, please take her to many places of her choice. Send her to spiritual tours along with her friends or relatives.

Gift her often of her likings.

You should show that you give importance for her and you will always care for her.

Engage her with the talents which she excels like cooking or any other craft making, by asking her to improve them and teach to others.

Always praise her for all her works.

These will divert her attentions and will forget to fight about the past happenings. She will have a very good impression about you and will realize your care and affection. You may think her as an old person who needs care and attention.


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