Is This Extra Marital Affair? This Healthy?

My name is Arthy, 38 from Chennai. I got married at 30 and am now having a daughter of age 7. I am working as a lecturer in a college. Mine was an arranged marriage. He is an entrepreneur and consultant in IT. He is 6 months younger to me. Our married life went on well for first 2 years. I am basically more passionate towards sex and he did satisfy me well and I was very happy. He is a good in bed and more romantic as well. After 2 years time I felt really bored with the routine life with him. Even when he calls at night I say some reasons and ignore him. I still craved for sex but somehow don't have interest with him. And after 4 years of marriage I was completely dislocated from him. Even when we sleep together we don't even touch each other. Once I was late from college and it was drizzling. It was dark and I feared that I couldn't get any means to go home. My student crossed by in his car and stopped to offer a lift. It started to rain heavily and I got drenched even before I got into his car. He drove slowly and he told that he would drop me at my home. I was very thankful but my saree was wet and exposing myself much and I could see him admiring me. It was the first time in my life that I felt happy that he was admiring me. I adjusted my saree for he could see my cleavage. I was happy doing it but same time felt that why I am doing it. When he was pushing the gear his hand brushed my thigh and I got really aroused. I caught his hand and he parked the car in a corner. It was raining so heavily outside. He pulled me to the rear and we hugged each other kissing and foreplay but not intercourse. After that incident when ever I see him I feel guilty but still I feel that I wanted him. He's passed out now and working in a IT company. He chats with me often and tells me that he wants me. I tell him some reasons or other. But I am going mad without seeing him. I masturbated many times thinking of him. What should I do?. Meet him and satisfy my desires?​