Is your guy a ‘ladies’ man? Test yourself


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Is your guy a ‘ladies’ man

Take this quiz to find out if your partner is the type to flirt with every lady on Planet Earth.

1. Does your guy want to discuss a lot about your female friends while you are having a conversation?
a. Come to think of it yes, he does like discussing about my girlfriends. That too amidst every conversation we have.
b. Something like this has never happened.

2. When in a party, does your guy leave you to enjoy with his so-called girlfriends?
a. Gosh! He has done this at most parties.
b. Even though we socialize with our friends at parties, we're usually with each other.

3. You're in the same room and he's busy talking to other women. How does he react?
a. He flirts with them and is extremely engrossed in conversation. It's more like I hardly exist in the room.
b. Though he gives his full attention to the woman he's conversing with (which is perfectly fine by me,) he does scan the room to take a look at me once in a while.

4. He sweet talks his girlfriends?
a. Yes. He calls them baby, sweetheart; goes all mushy, just like he talks to me.
b. I've never heard him do that.

5. Ever heard rumors about your boyfriend and other women?
a. Yes. He's like the talk of the town, that too in a bad way. My my, should I be worried?
b. Never heard anything.

If most of your answers are

a. Well, sadly for you, the term flirt is labelled on your guy, thanks to his actions. He is too much into other women. You need to keep a check on him and make sure he controls his libido, else he might be cheating on you soon. So take control lady, before it's way too late.

b. Luckily for you, you've got a partner who seldom flirts. Either he's way too smart that he doesn't give you a hint of his whereabouts (slash this out unless you're suspicious) or he is way too much in love with you. Considering he's won this far in the quiz, we would recommend you give him the benefit of the doubt and not start suspecting something fishy.

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