Is your heart doing an A-fib


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Jul 5, 2011
Is your heart doing an A-fib

Over the years there have been many popular romantic songs describing how your heart can go crazy with it beating faster than usual. However, popular singer Barry Manilow says he has experienced the real thing. The 68-year-old recently revealed that he suffers from a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, which is also known as A-fib. The condition makes your heart beat abnormally and out of rhythm. In Manilow's words, "Atrial fibrillation is... my version of rap, that's what it feels like. Your heart is going crazy," Dr BK Goyal, chief cardiologist, says, "A-fib occurs when the upper chambers of the heart beat faster than the lower chambers, causing an irregular, racing heartbeat. If patients are not careful it can cause blood clots which can lead to a cardiac failure, paralysis or a stroke."

There are different factors that can cause atrial fibrillation,
Some of these are:-

Heart disease

If you have had heart problems earlier, you are more prone to it. Hypertension ( high blood pressure), Mitral Valve disease, congestive heart failure, and obesity often puts pressure on the pulmonary veins where most A-fib originates.

Excessive alcohol consumption According to some studies consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to what hospitals refer to as a 'holiday heart' as it generally occurs during weekends or holidays because people tend to binge on alcohol during this time.

Drug abuse and smoking If you are habitual smoker or are into drugs you are at risk of A-fib, because it leads to permanent fibrotic damage to the atrium.

Thyroid condition

This is also a factor that contributes to this particular condition , "The focus of treatment for atrial fibrillation includes regaining a normal heart rhythm (sinus rhythm), controlling the heart rate, preventing blood clots and reducing the risk of stroke. There are different options available to a cardiologist. These include lifestyle changes, medications, catheter-based procedures and surgery. The type of treatment that is recommended is based on your heart rhythm and symptoms."

Did you know? Singer Barry Manilow was diagnosed with this condition 15 years ago. Since his diagnosis, Manilow uses one of his biggest hits Copacabana to tell him when his heart is beating to the right rhythm. Around 2.5 million Americans have A-fib. As you get older you are more prone to getting A-fib because your heart is not as strong as it used to be.
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Apr 4, 2011
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