Is your job stressful?


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Apr 4, 2011
A recent scientific physical ailments to various types of work-related stress found that gastrointestinal problems and sleep disturbances are the most common complaints. The stress most likely to rob you of sleep or roil your gastrointestinal system is something called “organizational constraints” - better known to you and me as all those things that make it harder to get the job done: lack of time, materials or authority.

A new survey from a big provider of employee assistance programs found that two-thirds of people report high stress levels related to work. Results also showed that 29 percent of all the employees surveyed said that they come to work too stressed to be effective at least five days per year (up from 19 percent last year). What bothers us most appear to be interpersonal issues, problems juggling work and personal life and (no surprise in today’s economy) lack of job security.

Here are some surprising strategies to deal with workplace stress:

  • Commune with nature: Research suggests that even a walk in the park can reduce stress, help overcome mental fatigue and sharpen your skills.
  • Learn to laugh: If you’ve forgotten how, buy a joke book or just force yourself to smile and then laugh. Improbable as it may seem, laughing is a great stress buster.

[h=3]Battling Bugs[/h] The germs that cause colds and flu can survive for hours or days on computer keyboards, elevator buttons, stair handrails and the handle of the office coffee pot. In addition to swabbing down your desk and computer keys with a disinfectant, getting a flu shot and washing your hands often, try these tactics:

  • Don’t shake hands. Try a fist bump instead, or carry a coffee cup so you can nod and raise the cup in greeting. (This may not work when meeting VIPs.)
  • Be standoff-ish: Literally, to stay out of the path of sneezes and coughs, keep five or six feet away from co-workers.
[h=3]Your Aching Back and Neck [/h] The worst back problems may afflict those with jobs involving heavy lifting, but sitting at a desk all day also puts you at risk. you can remain in the same position for only 15 minutes before your body needs at least a 30 second break to stretch, move and relax. you can try these tips now:

  • Shift your bottom around in your chair. Every change of position helps lessen the strain on your back.
  • Get a phone headset instead of cradling the receiver between your ear and neck.
  • For a stiff neck, try these simple stretches: lower your chin toward your chest until you feel a stretch in the back of your neck; tilt your head to the side as if you’re trying to touch your shoulder with your ear. You should feel a stretch in your neck. Switch sides.
[h=3]Beating Obesity at the Office [/h] The new york times reported in May that 80 percent of American jobs are sedentary or require only minimal activity, which adds up to a big contribution to the nation’s obesity epidemic and all the illnesses it is breeding. What you eat is only part of the problem - researchers think all our on-the-job sitting is largely to blame. Solutions?

  • Figure out ways to build movement into your day.
  • Try one of those stress-busting nature walks. They burn calories, too.

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