Is your partner cheating on you? Voice on phone can tell


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Is your partner cheating on you? Voice on phone can tell

Think your partner is cheating? Their voice may betray them!

Men and women alter their voices when speaking to lovers versus friends and such variations can potentially be used to detect infidelity scientists say. "It's not just that we change the sound of our voice, but that others can easily perceive those changes," said Susan Hughes, associate professor of psychology Albright college, US.

The study looked at how individuals alter their voices, or engage in voice modulation, when speaking to romantic partners versus same-sex friends during brief telephone conversations.

Researchers recruited 24 callers who were newly in love and still in the so-called honeymoon period. Callers were asked to phone their romantic partners, as well as a close same-sex friend. Researchers then played the recordings to 80 independent raters who judged the samples for sexiness, pleasantness and degree of romantic interest. Raters were exposed to only one end of the conversation and, in some cases, for only 2 seconds. Raters were able to correctly identify whether the caller was speaking to a friend or lover.
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