Is your partner faithful? Finger length can tell


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Is your partner faithful? Finger length can tell[/h]
Science offers a handy way to distinguish between faithful and promiscuous types: check the length of their fingers.

People with a right ring finger that's much longer than the index of the same hand are more likely to veer toward the dissolute, judging from an Oxford University study published on Wednesday in Biology Letters.

Finger length is set before birth, influenced by the level of sex hormones babies are exposed to in the womb. Men and women with longer ring fingers probably soaked up extra testosterone, which is linked with an appetite for more sexual partners, the researchers said. Those with more even digits are more likely to seek long-term relationships, wrote Rafael Wlodarski, a researcher in the university.

"There seems to be two types of males and two types of females," Wlodarski said. "We observed what appears to be a cluster of males and a cluster of females who are more inclined to 'stay', with a separate cluster of males and females being more inclined to 'stray', when it comes to sexual relationships." That doesn't mean you can blame that steamy affair solely on hand physiology as other factors can mitigate that impact, Wlodarski said. "Everything we are is a combination of both our genetics and our environment."

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