It isn't crazy if you talk to yourself


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
It isn't crazy if you talk to yourself

It's good for your head, insist US based researchers.
Fritz Simon, a German psychiatrist once remarked that humans are the only animals that can't stop talking to themselves. But apparently, it isn't crazy to do so. Rather, it can benefit your thinking, researchers say. "The general take-home point is that language is not just a system of communication, but I'm arguing it can augment perception, augment thinking," study sais author Gary Lupyan, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What Lupyan talks about has in a way been implemented in the fields of business, sports, performance and success psychology, medicine, entertainment and brain research. Like in case of martial arts, explains Dr Dayal Mirchandani, a psychiatrist, "When martial artists perform their kicks and punches, it's often accompanied by loud shouts. That's kind of a self-talk that helps keep focus and bring out the strength."
A human resource consultant, psychiatrist Dr Rajendra Barve, sees loud self-talk as a process of brain storming. "You express all your concerns aloud." Self affirmation, he says forms a part of self talk. "Self-talk, whether internal or external often revolves around inhibitions, goals, future, uncertainties and problems." According to him, self-affirmation (out loud) help handling with these demons by infusing confidence. "And with a clearer head solutions come by easy."

Sameera Reddy, Actress
I talk to myself to egg myself on in difficult or daring situations, or to swim that extra lap when my muscles are tired. We all need an outlet of expression in some form. When I'm feeling low, or in doubt or scared, I always remind myself of how far I have got by remaining honest to myself! I don't look at a picture, God's idol or mirror when I am talking to myself. Instead,I use visualisation of all the places I have a happy connection with to calm down and achieve a balanced state of mind.

Vijender Singh, Boxer
"I often have a one-on-one with myself in the changing room before a match to calm my nerves. I like to keep telling myself that 'I am the best'."
Jan 19, 2015
United States
Yeah i agreed with other users, it was an interesting post to read. I would say, If you talk with your self like a minor level then its ok, but if you are to much in this then other will call you crazy.

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