John Abraham ‚s fitness mantras


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Jul 5, 2011
John Abraham ‚s fitness mantras

John Abraham has been making headlines for his toned physique in the latest action flick Force. Unfazed by competition from peers and seniors in the six-pack-abs race, John says his only benchmark is his own cult look in Dostana. John says in his own small way, he is happy to have inspired youngsters to take fitness seriously. We spoke to the actor on the fitness scene in Bollywood and got him to reveal some of his health secrets.

Fitness In Tinsel Town-

Straight off the mark John insists, “Today every actor is taking his body seriously. I love to see everyone around me looking so good. Cinema is a visual medium and for us fitness is a part of the job…A difficult job!”.

John however feels that except Akshay Kumar, a lot of actors make the mistake of focusing only on the upper body and ignore the legs. “There is an old saying in bodybuilding, that testosterone shoots bottom up. So you have to have great legs for a great body”.

Workout Mantra-

On his own approach to fitness, John says, “Honestly there are no shortcuts to getting a good body. I have been working out for more than 10 years. Even when I am extremely tensed about work, I don’t miss my workouts. And the end result is worth it, as there is nothing better than being appreciated for how you look”.

John however is quick to add that you don’t need to spend excessively to get fit. “I came from a very basic background and I could afford only an X amount”. He says discipline and diet go a long way in helping you get a great body. “Just going to the gym and lifting weights doesn’t help,” he argues.

Daily Diet-

Given the extreme levels of training John undergoes, he reveals, “Supplements constitute 30 percent of my nutrition. That’s because regular food is not enough to complete the protein chain”.

“But the rest is all natural. I have a very healthy breakfast, so I can’t buy the argument when people say they don’t get time in the morning. Try to include eggs for protein and fruits for fructose in your diet”.

The Not-To-Do List-

Speaking on lifestyle vices, John says, “I perhaps can’t tell anyone not to drink. But drugs, guthka and pan masala are a complete NO NO. I think drugs are the worst thing to happen to any society. Youngsters must know it’s not cool to smoke up in a group and they need to be responsible regardless of age”.

Fitness Beyond Force-

John doesn’t deny reports that he even abstained from water for a few days to get in shape for the film. “Before we have a body shot we reduce the intake of water, salt and sugar marginally for a couple of days. It’s very damaging in the long run but we need to eliminate any form of water retention to get the desired bare bodied look”. John trained for over eight months on this film but says he still has scope for perfection in the fitness department. “I think currently I am at 70 per cent of my peak fitness level. Hopefully in three years I will be 90-95 per cent,” John signs off.
Nov 1, 2011
hmm is this all real...and is it all possible

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