Jump over these sex hurdles


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Jump over these sex hurdles
Smelly feet, smelly breath, smelly... well, anything smelly-yours or your partner's-can be a dampener to enjoying sex. It's a common complaint and one that can be quite easily overcome. Don't get me wrong here. All bodies emit a natural odour, which when fresh is not offensive at all. It is only when it gets stale that it gets smelly and can be off-putting.

Your own freshness you can regulate, but when it comes to your partner, it can be quite a delicate topic to broach and requires some tact. One way could be to remark on how a freshly washed body smells so wonderfully sexy, or to bestow a few kisses just after your partner has had a wash, or to get some new products-foot gel, toothpaste, whatever-and encourage your partner to use them.

Another common dampener is lack of privacy, especially if living with parents or kids. Finding a way around it requires commitment from both partners. Make time for just the two of you to reconnect. It could be a walk, or a cup of coffee, or a drive. This is not about making out in the car. It's about making space and time to focus only on each other. The sex will follow.

And actually, the very act itself does not take much time. What happens is that the desire is lost because you are both so distracted by the others around you that you are unable to connect with each other, and sometimes even with your own self. Not in the mood? Try cuddling-it's a non-demanding way to connect and show love and it's good for your blood pressure too!

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