Just dance and shed extra pounds


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Jul 5, 2011
Just dance and shed extra pounds

Proud of her newly acquired chiselled midriff, insurance professional Anubhi Jain is all gung-ho about her new passion: dancercise. Having got bored of her monotonous workout routine, Jain had almost decided to abandon exercising, until she was introduced to this interesting new concept of staying fit.

Dancercise is a perfect recipe for those who love dance as well as exercise. Choreographer-dancer Nirali Someshwar says, "Exercise and dance, if looked at individually, tend to get monotonous after a point. That's why this form has become popular. It is also good value for money as you learn two things at one time."

So, what does dancercise include? Someshwar explains, "Basically it is a fusion of choreographed dance steps and exercises. The theory is based on individual exercise for every muscle. For example, isolated belly dance includes 20 minutes of abs and hip exercise, followed by 45 minutes of belly-dancing. The session keeps on evolving from start till the end, with each next step leading to the next one."

Bhangra aerobics incorporates bhangra and hip-hop. Dancer Hrishikesh Pawar says, "We make these packages depending on what part of the body needs to be strengthened. For example, if contemporary dance is being fused with exercise, the areas of concentration are the legs since the dance form involves classical ballet. I usually start my classes with pilates and yoga as they increase flexibility."

Aero-dance workshops that include cardio and floor exercises mixed with western jazz, hip-hop or Bollywood is the current favourite of marketing professional Shraddha Patil. She quips, "It's a lot of fun as it does not feel like exercise at all. And since we dance on the latest Bollywood and Hollywood hits, I feel like a performer."

But are dance styles altered for the purpose? Dancer Purvi Mundada answers, "At times, we simplify the steps. We have to keep in mind that the people opting for these packages do not want to get involved in the intricacies of the dance styles. The idea is not to deprive people of the pleasure of dance and also give them a good workout."

Zumba is another fitness routine that combines aerobics with the Latin-American salsa and meringue. Dance trainer Soonruta Kothadiya says, "This form is also popular in many gyms. As it includes the entire body movements, it helps in losing weight faster. "

Not just dance styles, martial arts too are being merged with exercise. Dance trainer Sanjay Sawant who teaches aero-fitness, a mixed form of martial art stretches and jumps with Bollywood, jazz and funk, says, "It's a complete freestyle fusion devoid of any disciplined moves." So, break free of your regular dance and exercise routines. If you seek change, join the new brigade of dancercisers!
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