Keep bad sleeping habits at bay


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Keep bad sleeping habits at bay

Not many of us are aware that a lot of our health problems are caused because of our sleeping patterns.

Getting too much or little sleep is just one factor.

1. Even though you might start off with sleeping on your back or side, you will most often find yourself curled up in a foetal position in the middle of the night. Although very comfortable, curling up is not good for you as it results in back pain. Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees.

2. Ok so you love your pets. But do not encourage them to sleep on your bed. Animal hair can trigger off an asthma attack and most people are unaware that it is also a reason for allergies.

3. Lots of people find sleeping on their stomach the most comfortable position to sleep in. Nothing could be worse than this though. It impairs your breathing. It is very bad for digestion. It leaves your spine in a terrible posture (so your back ache / neck aches are nothing but a result of sleeping on your stomach). And the worst is that you will end up with fine lines and wrinkles faster than you think.

4. So you wanna wake up looking pretty and fresh as a daisy? Wipe off every last trace of make-up before

you hit the sack. We know after a hard night of partying it's very difficult to religiously clean off your make-up. But your skin is just going to deteriorate and not look so pretty the morning after.

5. When the temperature's soaring, it's a blessing to sleep in a cool room. Not cold room. Set the AC to a comfortable temperature for the night because when the AC's on full blast and you will tend to curl up in a terrible posture due to the cold.

6. Your room needs to be absolutely dark if you want to have deep sleep. Darkness is also needed to create hormones that are needed for the body's restoration. If you are in the habit of sleeping with the lights dimmed or leaving your bedside lamp on try dimming them and gradually sleeping without them altogether.

7. You are a cleanliness freak but haven't had the time to clean your room all day long? Rein in your cleaning bug and avoid sterilising your bedroom at night. The chemicals in disinfectants can irritate your respiratory system.

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