Keep those teddy bears in fridges


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Keep those teddy bears in fridges[/h]
You may find it difficult to wean your kids away from those cuddly teddy bears (soft toys).

But at least keep them for a good number of hours in the refrigerator or wash them thoroughly before handing them over to children. For, that is the best way to keep house dust mite at bay and ensure your little ones are not infected.

"Soft toys are one of the common causes of allergy in children and freezing them will ensure the dust mite gets killed before children use it," said Dr (Major) K Nagaraju, national convenor, IAP Allergy and Applied Immunology Chapter.

He was elaborating on preventive strategies in respiratory allergies.

With 50-70 % of the country's population suffering from one or the other allergy, closed residential structures with poor ventilation and high air pollution levels have only added to the problem.

"The common cause of fatigue and sleep disturbances in both children and adults is allergy, often mistaken as common cold and neglected," Nagaraju told TOI on the sidelines of a seminar on 'Mitigation of non-communicable diseases in children', organized by Lakeside Education Trust.

He said children of allergic parents are usually born allergic and their condition worsens once they are exposed to polluted environs.

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