Keeping your Eyes healthy in this Digital World!

deepa bala

Guru's of Penmai
Aug 7, 2011
Our eyes are increasingly strained in today's digital world. Here are 11 tips to help keep your eyes healthy:

Get an annual eye exam: The only way to monitor your vision health is through annual exams by an eye care professional. Let your doctor know if you are a “heavy user” of technology.

Abide by the 20/20/20 Rule:Take a 20 second break after every 20 minutes of use. Make sure you shift your vision to something in the distance (at least 20 feet away) during this break. If your work area is small, even looking out the window will allow your eyes to relax.

Screen Placement: Keep your monitor at least 25” away from your eyes, preferably more.

Monitor Tilt: Tilt your computer screen so that the top is slightly farther away from you than the bottom.

Lighting: Reduce eye strain by using ceiling-mounted, indirect lighting and control outside light with blinds or shades.

Font size: Reduce eye strain by enlarging the font. Most hand-held devices and phones have a feature to increase font size when reading emails and text messages.

Adjust Display settings: Set your screen settings so the background blends easily into your surrounding environment. Adjust the brightness and contrast so that on-screen images and letters are easy to read.

Minimize Glare: Consider using an anti-glare film on your monitor or hand held devices.

Upgrade to an LCD: Older CRT monitors are more likely to cause strain on your eyes than a liquid crystal display (LCD).

Remember to Blink: We tend to blink less often when using a computer, so remember to blink frequently during continuous digital usage. Blinking will keep your eyes moist and prevent you from developing dry eye.

Find the right vision correction solution: Choosing multifocal contact lenses may help you see near, far, and everything in between. Whether you’re starring at a computer monitor or using your handheld device, multifocal contact lenses provide exceptional vision at any distance.

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