key to weight loss


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
key to weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, your metabolism is a very important component as to how quickly you will see results Years of yo-yo diets and bad eating habits can have a negative impact on your metabolism.
However, there are foods out there that can assist your metabolism and help you get on the path towards losing weight more efficiently

Apples -

This is a little wonder fruit that does more than just keep the doctor away. By eating an apple you are helping your body regulate its own blood sugar. When you have the right balance of blood sugar, your metabolism is freed up to start burning calories, instead of being forced to horde them.

Oatmeal -

This food not only speeds up your metabolism but it can also reduce cholesterol and lower your blood pressure naturally. Try to have at least one serving of oatmeal a day.

Lean Meats -

Your body needs the right balance of protein, carbs and fats to keep working correctly. Lean meats actually help your body balance itself and its metabolism.

Vegetables -

Non-starchy vegetables are the perfect food for your metabolism. They're filling and balanced and help keep everything in good working order. Stay away from corn and potatoes, focusing instead on green, leafy vegetables.

Skim Milk -

Dairy should usually be avoided, but skim milk in small quantities can actually help speed up your weight loss. Dairy products help balance your blood sugar levels, when used in moderation. Skim milk cheeses can also be eaten in small amounts for this same purpose.

Whole Grains -

While many people try to eliminate all carbs from their diet, but if you must have your bread... Pick good whole grains in small amounts to find that right balance for your body. Rye bread is actually very effective at speeding up the metabolism since it once again helps balance your blood sugar.

Ofcourse lot of water, exercise and green tea also play a role here.

The best way to determine which balance of proteins, carbs and fats are right for you is to speak with your doctor.or a nutritionist

This is the key to speeding up your metabolism properly. When you have the right balance, you can look at your metabolism as a smoothly functioning machine. When you put the wrong kind of fuel into the machine, it cannot function properly.


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