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Jul 26, 2012
[h=1]activities for 4 year olds[/h]
Four is a wonderful age! It's an especially wonderful age when it comes to planning activities. These not-so-little ones tend to be full of enthusiasm for new activities, and their growing ability to concentrate and follow complex directions make them a joy to play games or make crafts with. They learn best through play, and every activity listed here involves developing skills as well as having lots of fun. Below, you'll find our Savvy favorites for this age.

Spying the ABCs

While in the car ask your child to look at billboards, road signs, license plates and buildings to find the letters of the alphabet in order. For instance, to find an 'A'-the child might see Applebee's and say it aloud, then move on to finding a sign or billboard with the letter B. To make it more challenging, if the child is old enough, she can write down all of the words she found.

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