Aug 3, 2013
Teach the Kids the lost art of patience:

Kids learn everything and anything from the parents and other elders at home. If we are displaying impatience, they learn that too.

Biting comes to them naturally, similar to their mouthing everything when babies are very young.

Refusing or atleast holding off on indulgences will help your child develop self- discipline and allow him to place a higher value on the things he receives.
Thanks to the tablets and cell phones, the apps get downloaded pretty fast and kids get to watch whatever they like within seconds of recalling, they are just not ready to wait when it comes to real life things. They expect the same speed everywhere.

The main reason kids will continue a tantrum is because parents can be manipulated.
Don't engage the behaviour and it will stop eventually.
They try tantrum tricks in public where parents tend to give them everything they ask for just to keep quiet.

Instead of giving in, take your child to a far, calm place and keep quiet, the child will eventually settle calmly and might try it one more time, but if you are steadfast, they will not repeat it.

Whenever there is an opportunity, display patience.
When you take them to shopping, tell them you are not buying a new dress for yourselves as the old jeans you have still looks new and that you can wait few more days.

Gradually, this observation will encourage them to behave similarly.

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