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Oct 18, 2011
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Here are some tips for Fancy dress competitions for the kids.

Step 1. Select a theme.

Flowers:Use paper craft to create petals for sunflower,lotus etc.

Fruits and vegetables
You can create colorful fruits like apple,mango,grapes using paper,colors and balloons. Don’t forget to make a few leaves and a cap with a stem.

Like Go Green, Save The Earth, Eat healthy etc. You can use different materials with slogans written on them to prove your point.

National LeadersHere you may have to rent a dress to make your child resemble a well known national leader.

Christmas, Gokul Asthami, Diwali(Indian festivals): a few ideas are Santa Clause, Reindeer, Christmas tree,angel,sledge,gift box, Easter Bunny, Easter egg, kite, lamp(diya),fire cracker,Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha etc.

You may choose your child’s favorite cartoon character to prepare/rent a dress. Ben10, Flintstones, Simpsons, Barbie,Mickey and Donald,Tom and Jerry etc.

Community helpers
Doctor,Painter, Janitor, tailor, electrician, milk man etc. are a few ideas.

Birds,animals and insects
You can dress up your child to resemble a parrot, tiger, elephant or a butterfly among others.

Traditional wear of people from different countries.

Other ideas
Clock, Milk Carton, Rainbow, Tree, Clown etc.

Step 2. Then teach a few lines related to the character that your child is supposed to enact, for the fancy dress competition. The lines must provide accurate information about the character being portrayed and must begin with a proper introduction.

Step 3. Practice patience and do not force the child to learn the lines and how to enact, all at once. Teach the child to begin with a smile.

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