Know your calorie count


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Know your calorie count

The next time you're staring at a menu, be prepared to do a little math. And we are not just talking about the prices!

It may not be long before restaurants in India start putting calorie counts on menus. "Healthy menus", a new concept that's all the rage abroad, displays information about carbs, fat and other diet info to help ease your guilty indulgences.

Chefs and fitness-conscious folks debate whether this is feasible in India.

People are unaware
Author and fitness specialist Deanne Panday says we should definitely have these menus. "Most times people don't even know what's going into their system, so displaying calories on menus must be done and I think the government should back this."

However, Chef Ananda Solomon feels the Indian hotel industry isn't ready for this yet. "It's tough to document such information here as you would need dieticians. Plus, unlike abroad, where you have organised organic food chains, here we're still getting there. Our menus also change with the season," he says.

Society says...
But will a calorie count put people off eat street? No, says actress Amrita Arora, "If I want to eat burger, I don't want to see the calories." Actress Sarah Jane Dias says exhibiting such a count "defeats the purpose of eating out. I wouldn't put this on my menu."

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