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Apr 4, 2012
Image2.jpg One eye may look straight ahead while the other turns in, out, up or down. The eye turn may be constant or may be occasional or intermittent. Signals from the misaligned eye are “turned off” by the brain to avoid double vision, so the child uses only the better-seeing eye.

Amblyopia or lazy eye is a dysfunction of the brain which blocks vision from one eye because it can't use the two eyes together. Clear vision does not develop in the lazy eye.

Treatment for lazy eye

To correct amblyopia, the blurry eye must first be forced to work in order to allow the opportunity for clear vision to develop. This is usually done by patching the clear eye for specific periods of time, forcing the blurry eye to "turn on" so that visual cells are stimulated, allowing clearer vision to develop.

Secondly, glasses are prescribed to provide the blurry eye with the best support possible.

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