Lessons to learn from the forever happy


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Jul 5, 2011
Lessons to learn from the forever happy

Be okay with imperfection
Their magnetism towards happiness makes us feel those foreverchirpy chops are perfect souls, or at least close to perfection. However, they aren't perfectionists. They know that it is better to look okay and go out than stay home because they don't look flawless. They are okay with not being at the "it" party every night. They know that there will always be good things that must be passed on, and things that can be accomplished, but not perfectly.

Don't have expectations
When you don't rely on other people's actions and reactions for your own happiness, the ball is truly in your own court. Even the people we are closest to will sometimes let us down. Appreciate people for who they are and don't try to change them. When you do that you'll understand that happiness isn't something other people can provide you, but what you find within yourself.

Now is the moment
If it is the pot loads of baggage you're carrying from the past, or sitting inside hot air balloons flying into the future, snap out of it. The key to happiness is to live in the present. You won't be able to focus on the task at hand, if you constantly daydream about your future. We often associate thinking with doing. You may feel guilty if you aren't thinking about an outstanding issue while doing something else. No matter how stressful things can get, learn to live in the moment. Besides, if you constantly spend your time worrying about what is next, you will never complete what has to be done now.

Say 'no' to happiness
Most of us feel terrible when we say "no" to a favour or invitation. However, don't beat yourself blue if you have to say "no" to someone because it is really saying "yes" to your own life. You give the other person the impression that your time and space are important. You also ensure that you don't take on more than you can manage. Prioritise your life and chart your to-do list, accordingly. The must-do items on your list are essential, after which the should-do list needs to be narrowed down with polite but firm no-can-do responses.

Look within
Don't let those nasty remarks passed by irrelevant strangers or relatives ruin your mood. Mean people function out of their insecurity and inadequacy. Why let their negativity rub on to you. If you let your self-esteem become vulnerable to how others feel about you, remember, the mean machines will make sure that you are never short of feeling guilty and telling you, how miserable your life is. Find your self-worth from within and those annoying people will never make you feel down and out.

See the silly side up
You'll never find those freakishly happy folks lose their cool over driving to the wrong railyway station or losing their movie tickets. They can still find a way to have fun because they want to and know how to. Getting upset over petty things doesn't improve anything. When one person in a family or in a group can manage to laugh when things go wrong, or see the funny side of situations, it helps everyone else lighten up. The environment becomes more cheerful.

Throw the clutter out
Spend 15 minutes before bedtime clearing the day's mess. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much more cheerful a neat house will make you feel when you wake up the following morning. Clutter seems trivial, but it has a surprisingly large influence on our happiness. Without you realising, it culminates all the negativity. It is not that happy people manage to find better things than us, it's just that they let go of the excess baggage like household items, clothes, but more importantly, people who contribute nothing to their lives.

Be content about everything
Contentment is a culmination of all the enjoyment, not an explosion of ecstasy. Appreciate the happiness and humour of the moment even when it may seem small or insignificant. Why wait for those big life moments (weddings and trips abroad) to feel happy when you can find pleasure in life's little day-to-day events like a relaxing hot shower at the end of the day.


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Jul 26, 2012
very nice lessons we have to learn from the forever happy thanks vijigermany

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