lifecell vs cryobank vs cordlife

Sep 20, 2015
hi ladies i am new here. i want to clear my doubt. i am now 4 month pregnant. we (me and my husband) planned to preserved our baby cord blood during delivery.

but very much confused with the brands lifecell vs cryobank vs cordlife. any ideas any one here done stem cell banking with these.

give me your inputs, though doctor is giving some suggestion i want to know from real parents.
Oct 16, 2015
Hi Swathi,
It is a good decision to go for stem cell banking. I booked with LifeCell for my baby few weeks back and am glad I chose the right bank. There are few reasons why I chose LifeCell:

1. They have advanced labs in 2 locations in India. This is the only bank that has 2 storage locations in the country. Since Chennai is located close to sea, they have another storage facility in Gurgaon so your baby's little stem cells are safe no matter what.

2. They have a personalized processing technique. Most banks tout that they have automated technology but when it comes to the varied sample levels, these automated techniques, do not do well. In automated technique, they have prefixed one usual amount as sample amount but if the blood sample is lesser, there is a risk of having rbc included along with the stem cells during processing. In LifeCell, the technique is manual which means, based on the amount of the blood sample, they perform the isolation and processing of stem cells.
We found it surprising too.

3. They have transparent costing. All the price packages are explained up front in the website. There are no bargaining in lifecell whereas other companies tend to bargain if the customers ask for price changes, just like jewelery shops.

4. Timely customer service and systematic process so things are handled properly without any complication or last minute issues.

hope this helps. However, I suggest you talk to all the banks, ask as much questions as possible, also consult your doctor and family before deciding. End of the day, preserving your baby's stem cells are more important. Good luck to you mommy :)
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