Light Make-up Secrets For Summer!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Light Make-up Secrets For Summer!

As it is summer, you get more conscious about your appearance. Fashion trends get updated according to the season. The same theory goes with your make-up. You apply make-up that not only suits an occasion, but also the season. Sweat and sun tan can spoil your beautiful skin. During summers, make-up should be simple and light. To look fresh on a summery day, check out these makeup secrets.

Make-up tricks for this summer:

Concealer: Foundation can make your face look heavy in summers. So, avoid this over-do in your make-up and pick a good concealer. It hides the dark spots and makes your skin look flawless. Apply a liquid concealer (one shade lighter than your skin tone) to look simply attractive.

Blush: For a light summer look, keep make-up to its minimum. A nude blush is perfect for a natural summer look. Apply a little blush on your upper cheeks and look perfect the whole day.

Kajal: This is one of the best make-up technique for summers. As your make-up is minimal, just apply kajal for a day out! You can draw a thick line for evening get-together to highlight your beautiful eyes.

Lip gloss: Make-up is incomplete without a lip gloss. As it is summer, avoid lipsticks. Opt for a nude lip gloss shade for an elegant look.

Rosewater: Refresh your dull and sweaty face by cleansing. Rosewater rejuvenates the skin and opens the pores. If your make-up is spread all over your face, just soak a cotton ball with rosewater and apply it to your face for a fresh feel.

These are few make-up secrets to look attractive during hot summers.
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