Lip care in winter season

Nov 14, 2012
winter season just started and my lips are started becoming so dry. what you guys do to maintain the lips soft and smooth during winter?


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Jan 21, 2012
Hai bhanumathy,

Use oil based lubricating cream or lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax. Before going out in cold or dry weather, apply lip balm which contains sunscreen protection.
Saliva evaporates quickly leaving lips drier before you licked them. If there is a habit of licking lips then use flavored lip balms.
Always breathe through nose not from mouth.
Avoid contact with irritants or allergens such as fragrances, any cosmetic or skin care products.
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated including lips especially during winter season.
Often cracks in the corner appear due to deficiency of vitamin B 2, so take vitamin supplements in this case. Foods and vegetables provide vitamins which are necessary to maintain healthy lips. So incorporate it in your diet on a daily basis.
A good quality lip balm usually contains moistening agents like Jojoba oil, shea butter and also vitamin E. Additionally; lip balm also contains sunscreen SPF6 to protect the lips from sun.
By using sunscreens people can protect their lips from harmful and dangerous ultra violet rays.
One should give up smoking and alcohol to keep their lips healthy and lovely. Smoking can cause lip wrinkles while alcohol dries up the lips.
Exfoliate your lips with a mini brush to remove the flaky, dead skins of lips. Then apply your favorite lip gloss for beautiful lips in a flash.
For severely chapped lips, honey is the best option. It won’t hurt your skin as it is the natural and antiseptic cleaner that you can find around. Its ingredients will penetrate the skin and will nourish the lips wonderfully.
While your lips are hurt avoid using lipstick as this will irritate the injured lip surface.
As for balsams avoid using the one that contains glycerin, petrochemical products, alcohol, menthol or retinol. It is only suitable during summer times. Look for hyaluronic acid ingredient in the balsams during winter time.

Hope these help you
Feb 10, 2013
Take a pinch of sugar with olive oil, mix it properly then scrub this mixture on ur lips by using a brush for 5 mins, after scrubbing apply lip balm. This treatment peels ur dried skin and gives u the soft and pinky lips..........

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