Lips to nose, cosmetic packages boom for Valentine’s Day


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Lips to nose, cosmetic packages boom for Valentine’s Day

Lip augmentation, nose job, eyebrow lift…As women try to put their best ‘face’ forward for Valentine’s Day, partners are busy gifting them cosmetic session packages.

“A huge range of non-surgical beautification treatments like lip augmentation, eyebrow-lift, cheek augmentation, liposuction and nose job are being offered and girls go for them to look glamorous and sensual,” says Mumbai-based cosmetologist Jamuna Pai, adding that botox and juvederm are also on the list.

Thanks to changing lifestyles, there has been a dramatic change in the demand for cosmetic treatments during the Valentine’s season.

“As compared to the rest of the year, the week before Valentine’s Day records an increase of 60 percent of candidates for treatments like botox and juvederm,” plastic surgeon K.M. Kapoor told IANS.

“To get that perfect look, women are queuing up at clinics for different cosmetic treatments available in the market to enhance their body parts,” he added.

As far as results are concerned, Kapoor said juvederm treatment has an instantaneous effect.

“However, in botox treatment, the result will be visible within two to five days. So people opt for such treatments a week before Valentine’s Day,” he added.

Pai felt the same and said: “From nose or chin correction to a fuller lip with the help of botox to face lifting - everybody wants to attain that perfect look.

“With Valentine’s Day round the corner, we are receiving a large number of women clients. They want to get results at the earliest, so they are opting for healthier and non-surgical treatments like botox and juvederm instead of going under the knife.”

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