List Of Medicines Recommended By Doctors


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
* Crocin tablets (paracetamol 500 mg)- 3 strips for fever, bodyache, and headache. One tablet three times a day as necessary. Above 60 kg please use 650 mg tablets(thermol/dolo)... for fevers, mild pain relief

* Actifed tablets - 2 strips (side effect drowsiness)...... a costlier but much better alternative is Alerid(cetrizine) or Neoloridin(loridine)... less sedation and next to no side effects

* Azithromycin 500mg tablets (aziwin) - 3 strips. One tablet once a day for atleast 3 days ...use if you have a bacterial cold or Respiratory infection ... (most common symptom being dark yellow coloured mucus, fever, etc.). NOT NEEDED FOR ordinary cold (white mucus, watery secretions)

* Sporidex 500mg capsules - 2 strips. One tablet twice a day when necessary as advised (pls dont use on your own .... this stuff needs a prescription to be used properly ... meant only for persistant troublesome infections)

* Avomine tablets - 1 strip for air/ motion sickness. One tablet as necessary.(causes driwsiness)

* Lomotil/Andial tablets - 15 (for diarrhea) .... but remember the best treatment for diarrhoea is plenty of fluids, some good rest and bland food.

* Omeprazole 20 mg - for gastritis ...can be take once or twice a day

* Digene tablets - 20... for stomach discomfort Of each three times a day.

* Spasmoproxyvon capsules - 3 strips for abdominal colic pain, backache, menstrual pain etc. One tablet every 6 hours or as necessary.

* Domstal tablets - 10... for vomiting .. has to be taken atleast half an hour before food

* Electral powder - 2 packets One teaspoonful mixed with drinks to make up loss of electrolytes after vomiting & diarrhoea

* Novalgin - 2 strips for headache & bodyache. One tablet as necessary.

* Brufen 600mg tablets - 2 strips For arthirtic joint pain. One tablet three times a day after food.

* Avil Tablets - 1 strip for allergy (use cetrizine/loridin for less sedation), One tablet as necessary.

* Relaxyl ointment - 1 tube to be applied as pain balm.

* Band Aid assorted - 12

* Soframycin skin ointment - 1 tube

* nimesulide tabs - for the severest of headaches and pains....(but banned in the US)... 100mg upto 3 times a day

* Ciplox capsules 500 mg - 2 strips.. 1 cap twice a day...for infective diarrheas

* Vitamin B-complex capsules - just in case youre starving yourself out there

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