List of men women can do without


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
List of men women can do without

Friend, pal, buddy, the complete man!

Certain types of men are definitely not going to make us happy. And here is a rundown on few types of men we can do without:

For him you are the one and that's terrific ... but should you really have to put up with a temper tantrum every time you thank his gorgeous looking friend. No jealousy please!

A guy who airs his feet which haven't seen light for a couple of days!

Who refuses to ask for directions till you are about 40 kms into the wrong route.

The controlling man decides you look good in pink. He decides everything ... restaurant, movie, concert, drink etc. etc.

A guy who is still a boy. He calls his mom in every small crisis. He follows her advice rigidly as he can.

Who gets you dressed to the 'T' for a disc and then takes you to a pizza joint.

Any drinker/smoker who gets his highs from the risks involved in it.

They never express their love.

They wink at you but are actually eyeing your friend.

He tries to throw money around. Shows off his power and tries influence you.

Guys who do not take pride in their girlfriends for what she is.

Men who stereotype women from what they wear.

Who never talk to us about politics, business and sports. It is assumed we don't know.

Who never listen.

Admiring a strong, career-oriented girl so long as she is not your girl friend.

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