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Jul 5, 2011
Live the Ayurveda way

Don't always blame illnesses on fate; most likely, it is your lifestyle that might be the culprit, says Ayurvedacharya Laxmikant Tripathi

How often do we pity ourselves for suffering from a chronic ailment? We pacify ourselves by blaming it all on fate, but seldom do we blame our lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, air, fire, and water are the three principle factors that are essential for the human body; an imbalance in these cause diseases. There are three body types in ayurveda: Vatta prakriti or the air type, Pitta prakriti or the fiery type, and Kapha prakriti or the water type.


A Vatta prakriti person appears thin and frail but has flab around the stomach, and has small eyes. Such people are prone to anxiety, fear and tension. They frequently suffer from gastric problems and body pain. Experts suggest that Vatta prakriti people should be cautious during winters; they should avoid eating fried foodstuff and drinking or bathing with cold water. Such people should go for morning walks, take oil bath, eat light and fresh food and have fruits at least three or four times a day.


Similarly those who have a Pitta prakriti, are usually fair but suffer from excessive pigmentation. They usually have a strong body odour and are occasionally troubled by bouts of fever and nausea. Pitta types are naturally stubborn and short-tempered . They eat spicy food, consume excessive caffeine, smoke or drink, and usually suffer from serious physical problems ranging from hair fall to hypertension. These people should eat a lot of fruits such as litchi, oranges, and pomegranate. They should include lime juice in their diet and have yoghurt regularly. They should also avoid exposure to the sun. Too much exercise may not be good for the Pitta prakriti type.


Kapha prakriti people have flab and they look heavy. They have big eyes and a wheatish complexion. Such people are usually calm and serious about whatever they do. They like sweets, aerated drinks and this is not good for their health. Those who have a Kapha prakiriti should follow a very strict diet routine, drink boiled water, exercise and stay active all the time. Ayurveda not only suggests cures for all these different body types, but it also outlines a healthy lifestyle that each should follow. After all, it believes that prevention is better than cure.

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