Living like a man can make women happier--'bloke health'


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Jul 5, 2011
Living like a man can make women happier--'bloke health'

Living like a bloke could make women happier, healthier and even thinner.

Sure, men are easy-going creatures - they aren't expected to do washing and cleaning, and can even go days without washing their clothes (Or roam shirtless when they feel hot!) But a new study suggests that adopting 'some' of these habits might make women happier, healthier and even thinner. Here's how you can benefit from a bit of 'bloke health'.

Join a team sport
Most women are health-conscious and join a gym. Rather take up a team sport! "Sure, especially if she's interested in such activity. Actually any social activity helps, even kitty parties," says psychiatrist Dr Dayal Mirchandani. Anju Turambekar, a football player, who started playing at 17 (considered quite late to begin at) swears by how a team sport can help infuse positive change. "It's definitely helped me become more happy-go-lucky." On a more philosophical note, she adds, "On the field, you need all the 11 players for casting your goal. This also helps you adjust in the social environment where you come to respect and accept other people's contributions in your life."

Drop the mop
Women tend to view keeping a clean and tidy home as one of their main tasks of the day, compared with men's priority of doing outdoor tasks. But the problem is they take it just too seriously. And it isn't easy to ensure that everything is kept at its right place -slong with physical strain comes loads of mental stress too - cleaning follows with nagging and having to shout to make sure the things are kept at their right place. Experts suggest to go easy. Says psychologist Dr Alka Choubey, "Any habit, which gives too much stress is not good." She says she often sees cases where women are obsessed with cleanliness. "Compulsive cleanliness is a disease, and it also affects a woman's relationships," she adds. So go the guy way. Li'l mess is okay.

Trust your own decisions
Instead of running off to talk to your gal pal about every problem, try to keep them to yourself and decide how you need to deal with it - just as men usually do. A study at Columbia University's Teachers College found that those who kept their emotions in check were better adjusted and became less distressed by events. "They get to the point, keep it real and keep it simple," said Dr Elizabeth Celi.

Do one thing at a time
Yes, the men envy this multi-tasking trait of yours. But ask yourself honestly, is it really fun? For some women, combining multi-tasking with a superwoman mentality is a recipe for going mad! Again, the study by Columbia University's Teachers College suggests you rather take one thing at a time. In fact it'll make you more productive. "They'll reach a resolution quickly, with time left over for the next task," Celi said. "For some women, combining multi-tasking with a superwoman mentality is a recipe for going mad!"

Don't be guilty when you binge
If a man has a day when he eats too much, he'll probably shrug and begin his eating plan again the next day. Whereas women tend to feel that they've ruined their chances at weight loss if they slip up. What's the point, girls? "Feeling guilty only make sit worse. So quit worrying about your diet and just get back to your routine as soon as possible," advises Dr Mirchandani.

Work out
When you think of muscle you think of guys, but muscle matters for women too! Muscle = weight loss. "All women should be looking to build a bit of muscle, both to look good and lose weight," say fitness expert Namita Jain. And of course, there's loads more. "Strong muscles allow you to do activities with increased energy and ease. Strength training improves bone density, builds strength, enhances the metabolism, improves posture and shapes the body. Flexibility exercises keep the body supple, flexible and free from muscular stress. They also help increase blood flow and nutrient supply to joint structures, relax muscles, mobilize the joints and improve posture," says Jain.
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