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Aug 22, 2012

Here we share five secrets to appearing 10 pounds thinner in photos. You can practice these tips in front of a mirror, but we suggest locking your door first so as not to be caught appearing vain.

Secret No. 1: Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.

Secret No. 2: Pull head forward slightly to minimize any appearance of a double chin.

Secret No. 3: Hold arms slightly away from your body. This keeps upper arm flab from flattening out and therefore appearing flabbier (much like thighs do when one sits on a couch).

Secret No. 4: Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in. Be careful not to suck stomach so far in that your ribs show, thereby causing those who later see the photo to cluck to themselves in a bemused, sing-song voice, "She's sucking i-in."

Secret No. 5: If you can get away with it without looking like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl wannabe, try the look away trick. To do this, look away from the camera, then turn towards it, breaking into a smile just before the camera clicks. Your smile will appear fresh, not frozen. This trick takes practice behind closed, locked doors.
When taking a photo it's also important the photographer does not snap the picture from below. This adds another 20-50 pounds to the 10 pounds automatically and annoying added by the camera.

More tips on looking 10 pounds thinner in photos:

1. Never look directly at the lens, ALWAYS look slightly ABOVE the lens.

2. If needed, use ‘teeth whitener’ to have pearly white teeth - it does make a difference. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to brighten your smile. Get a teeth whitening kits at your local pharmacy.

3. Dress for timelessness - Stay away from patterns, go more for solids. Example: horizontal stripes will make you look heavy. Try not to wear red, black or white. Digital cameras sometimes have problems with red. Black and white offer too much contrast.

4. Hide your blemishes. The bad thing about photographs is that because they are simply frozen images of one angle in an instant in time, they can't show all your good attributes. The good thing about them is that you can easily hide certain features you don’t like. If you've got a unsightly look on one side of your face, for example, don’t show the camera that side.

5. Determine your best angle. Beyond the obvious hiding of blemishes, finding the right angle for your face can be a bit more difficult. The best thing you can do is experiment using a digital camera so that you can immediately see the results of each pose. It will very quickly become obvious which angles are most flattering for you, and you can then use that angle as much as possible in the future. The classic model's pose is to arrange your body 3/4 toward the camera with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the camera than the other. This isn’t the best pose for everybody, however, and it can look a little ridiculous when used in a family photo right next to your Uncle Bob.

6. When in a seated group shot, be sure the chairs are placed as close together as possible. Instead of leaning in, sit up straight and relax.

7. Have your close friends look at the pictures you've taken to help you ascertain when you look your best. Sometimes, a critical second set of eyes is a great help.

8. If it is a full-length shot, position your body 45 degrees from the camera, then turn your head towards the lens. Stand with one foot crossed in front of the other and put all your weight on your back leg. This pose is very slimming and universally flattering.

9. Place one foot behind the other and turn it at an angle to the camera, preferably 90 degrees. This has a slimming effect and looks more natural.

10. Tilt your head slightly at an angle to one side or another. It's common to want to "stand up straight" but tilting the head will make you appear more relaxed.

11. Place your hands correctly. Hands are often the second most prominent feature in a picture after the eyes, but we often don't know what to do with them. When hands are below the waist, the wrist should curly down or be neutral. When hands are above the waist, the wrists should curl up. Also, don't make them overly prominent. Keep thumbs and fingers in and try to avoid the hands being prominent in the composition or too near the camera compared to the rest of the body.

12. Close your eyes and open them just before the camera snaps and the bulb flashes. This would give your eyes a good sparkle. This would also minimize the chances of you blinking.

13. Lip gloss can reflect too much light, so usually best without it. Or if you do wear lip gloss, then lick it up to take off the glossiness but still leave lips moist.

14. Press the length of your tongue against the roof of your mouth while smiling. (Helps rid the "double chin" effect.)

15. Shiny fabrics will make you appear heavier. Matte fabrics have a receding effect.

16. Vertical lines make you appear taller and thinner. An open jacket, drape, fold, buttons, etc can all create vertical lines. (You do not want vertical lines when they are broad and widely spaced (ex: double breasted jacket) and you also do not want vertical stripes with tight clothes as they will accentuate the bumps.)

17. Diagonal lines can be used to slim if they are steep and more vertical than horizontal.

18. For the more maximus glutinous among us, purse or handbag should either hang under arm or hit at waist. It should never hit at the butt level.

19. Make sure your clothes fit right. Do not buy clothes too big thinking they will conceal you or clothes too small thinking they will squeeze you and make you look thinner. It doesn't work and often makes things much worse. (Pleats on pants should lay flat and there should not be any stretch lines.) Anything clingy will draw attention to your flaws and imperfections.

20. Think happy thoughts, imagine something really funny. By doing so, you’ll get a genuine smile.

21. Sparkles - While beautiful in real life sparkly makeup and powders will show up in photographs as little white specks on your skin. Keep this in mind if you wish to avoid white specks on your cheeks, cleavage and eyes. Most "shimmery" eye shadows photograph well as long as they do not contain glitter.

22. Blush - A hint of color on your cheeks will add a beautiful glow. But remember to apply lightly; it's easier to digitally add a little color than it is to take it away. Have a salesperson at a cosmetic counter or a makeup artist show you how to use blush to contour your face and always keep in mind a little goes a long way.

23. Eyes - Use a light hand when lining your lower lashes. A heavy line is not flattering and you don't want it to smudge; this would create shadows under your eyes. Practice using powder and a very fine brush either wet or dry. This gives the most natural results with just the right amount of enhancement. Use mascara that matches your hair and complexion. Be careful not to apply so much that your lashes become clumpy. Clumps will show in close up pictures and are extremely difficult to fix digitally.

24. Concealer - A dab of concealer well blended under your eyes will help you look young, fresh and awake. Use a touch on the inside of your nose (between your eyes) since shadows there are not flattering. Also, use a little concealer on any blemishes but never use it on the outside corner of your eyes as it will accentuate fine lines. Wrinkles and blemishes can be taken care of digitally after the photo shoot, but this can be expensive.

25. Powder - Lightly dusting your face with translucent powder will set your makeup and give it a professional finish. If you have oily skin there are better ways to deal with shine than to bring powder along and continually apply it. I advise against this because adding more and more powder to your face will just make it look "cakey" and unnatural; you don't want to look made-up. It is best to purchase inexpensive oil-blotting sheets. Mary Kay has the best one on the market. They are 100% linen and give your skin a very natural "matte" finish.

26. Lips - Color on your lips is very important but stay away from dark (or almost black) reds. As I mentioned previously, it is much easier to digitally add color than it is to take it away. Visit a makeup counter or a makeup artist to find the perfect color. You do not want matte lips; you want them to look soft and shiny but not too glossy. High gloss will not photograph well. I suggest using a gloss and then blotting it a little using the oil absorbing sheets listed above.



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Jul 26, 2012
Very good and elaborate tips you have given for us to look slim in photographs. you have covered almost all the minute things. thanks tint

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