Look dewy fresh this winter


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Jul 5, 2011
Look dewy fresh this winter

Strong winds may mess up your hairdo, but your wardrobe and beauty do not have to succumb to the winter blues. Beauty expert Swati Gupta shares some secrets to combat the cold's effect on your skin and ensure that you look flawless this winter.

Winter hydration
With winter comes dryness, redness of skin, dehydration and uneven skin texture. Opt for a cream-based cleanser rather than an oil-stripping, foam-based one, as it will help keep your skin's moisture levels intact. Regularly exfoliating with a mild scrub is best to rid dead, flaky skin. Introduce a night cream into your daily routine. BB ( blemish balm) creams are also good as they are hydrating and have anti-oxidants, which make the skin tone even. Ensure you get a facial done once every two weeks.

Skin essentials
The best way to take care of one's complexion this season is by wearing sunscreen. Even though the sun may not be shining as much, it is easy to get sun-burnt. A sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20 is a must. There are oil-free sunscreens available in the market which will not make your skin oily. For sensitive skin, pick sunscreens that are alcohol-free and free from fragrances. Lotions meant for children will also work for those with sensitive skin.

Hair care
During winter, hair suffers from dryness and your scalp tends to get flaky, resulting in dandruff and fungal infections. Wash your hair regularly and keep your scalp clean and dry to avoid infection. Use a good conditioner and leave-in serums to hydrate your hair and restore its lost shine. Regular hairspa treatments also help counter several problems.

Moisturizing routine
Switch to slightly intense moisturizers this season to restore lost moisture. Use a moisturizer which has SPF in it so that it doubles up as a sunscreen. Also apply a nourishing cream before going to bed to keep your skin hydrated. Look for products that contain glycerin, Shea butter and Vitamin E.

Cleansing routine
This may sound cliched, but it is important to remove your makeup each day. Use a makeup remover and follow this by washing your face with a mild cleanser. You can opt for makeup removers that cleanse as well if you do not want to use soap on your face. The use of toner is optional, but if used, ensure that it is alcohol-free.

Lip care
Chapped lips are a common woe during winter. The dry winter air and low humidity can dehydrate your lips. Lips have a thin surface layer, so they're more likely than the rest of your face to dry out. A lip-balm provides a buffer between your delicate lip skin and the weather, so never let your lips go nude. It is also i m p o r - tant to use lip balms w i t h SPF.

Makeup routine
Since your skin is likely to be dry, don't wear a foundation that is too heavy or cakey as it will only make your already dry and flaky skin look more dehydrated. Use a good BB cream instead as it has a bit of colour. If you need to add another layer of foundation, work in a very light, superficial layer to give your skin a breezy and delicate look. Eyes can also become dry, so wear protective sunglasses, as they will minimize the penetration of harmful sunrays.

Diet regime
Hydration is the key word. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Munch on dry fruits that contain good cholesterols like almonds, pistachios and walnuts. Dates and fruits like oranges, pomegranate and green leafy vegetables are recommended this season as well.

Contributed by Jananya MH

Winter must-haves
Fashion designer Ritu Pande gives us a heads-up on the hot trends this season.

Footwear: High boots are hot this winter.

Colours: Navy blue is the new black. Rich jewel tones of purple are also in this season. For the adventurous winter dresser, play with bright colours like orange and hot pink.

Skirts: Long, flared skirts are in. Pick one in metallic colours or winter florals.

Pants: The androgynous look with long, slouchy pants and tailored jackets look fab on both men and women.

Lips: Vampire reds, moody berries and rich, heady wine colours are shades that are hot this season. So if you wear lipstick, wear it dark.

Eyes: Smoky eyes and a frosty look with lots of silver hues look great in winter.

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