Look fairer with common materials at Home


Commander's of Penmai
Jul 4, 2011
While surfing through the net i came across this post and found it very useful

For looking fairer and removal of tan:

take lime juice 2 tsp alogn with that add honey 1 tsp and 1/2 tsp of sugar ... mix all this and apply on your face and give lite massage so it removes blackheads and also removes tan and gives complexion to your skin ... if your tooo tan skin add pinch of turmeric powder , you have to message until sugar is there and leave it for few mins may be for 19 to 15 mins and wash your face with luke warm water and after that don't directly apply any cream or lotin to your face .. you can also use ice cubes message before going to bed or once your from outside before doing it please cleanse your face from any cleansing lotion ...

Please do share your part as well:gossip:

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