Look luxe in an instant


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Jul 5, 2011
Look luxe in an instant

Here are a few ways to look chic and luxe just by tweeking your wardrobe and makeup just a little.

Did you know that adding a dash of luxury to your wardrobe need not cost the earth? In these times when the economy is so uncertain, it is important to cut corners whenever possible to get an updated look without spending far too much. Here's how to do it the easy way...

Bag it!
The first way to amp your look is to buy a gorgeous handbag. This accessory need not be too pricey, but it should look like it has cost the earth. One way to achieve this is to buy a handcrafted piece (some of the Indian ones are breathtaking) or go online and buy an internationally acclaimed designer bag at a much cheaper rate. Or if you don't want to spend even that much, a bag in a vivid colour or with some intricate hardware can make all the difference.

Get a blazer
A blazer can instantly update your look, so wear one whenever you can. When it's summer, use a white one and for winter, go black or wear a distressed denim blazer for a relaxed look. Blazers can be worn over dresses, jeans and T-shirts to add a polish to an outfit.

Glamorise denim
Denim can be paired with a silk top or a cashmere sweater to look chic, say experts. Anything soft or clingy can make a person look high maintenance almost at once.

Let your lips do the talking
Another cheap way to look luxe is to use a unique lipstick. If you are constantly using nudes or beiges, try a bright berry or cherry red to get heads turning. This is perhaps the easiest way to update your look, because any lipstick can make this happen.

Remember the simplest tweeks to your regular style can make all the difference.


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Jun 5, 2012
Nice tips to look cute and smart in instant.They are really helpful.
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