losing my savings

Mar 13, 2015
hello all

i am married for 7 years. me and my husband both are working in IT company. We have reasonable savings since both are working. but last one year we are losing our savings. his sisters are nagging for money. my daughter is 5 years old. we also need money for her studies and day to day life. but sil's are not understanding our situation. when they ask for money my husband is not able to say no. so he is giving money to them. after that we are fighting for this reason. pls help me. how can i save our savings from my inlaws?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Ponni.

Yes...this will be much irritating.

You need to save money.

Now you can try the following suggestions.

If you own a house already, you can plan to buy a new one. For this ,you will be paying the EMI and this will consume some amount of your salary. Along with this this will be a savings too.

You can buy Housing PLOTS also. This will help you to build a villa, later . Or you can sell them whenever you need money.

If you are investing like these, you can both save for your future and spend your salary in a useful way.

Tell your husband that you will use your salary for all the savings purposes and use his salary for the household expenditures.

Ask your husband to tell his sisters, that your daughter is also growing who needs a lot of money for her education, extra curricular activities and few amount to be saved for her future too.

He can also tell his sisters that nowadays, the IT jobs are not reliable and they may LAYOFF at any time. So, to be on the safe side, you both need to save money as much as possible, from now on.

Ask him to tell them that,Till now he was helping them since your child hasn't grown up. And hereafter monetary help may not be possible as before.

And he may also tell that, as the salary increases, to pay the income tax, you need to invest some money and it consumes much.

Ask him never to say about his or your salary to anybody else.

You can save your salary in savings like SIP, FDs, ETF Gold etc. These will come in hand for ever.

Tell your husband also that you need money for your health problems which may occur later in your life and if it consumes lot of money, no one else would offer help.

Also tell him that you both could gift them then and there surprisingly. This need not be a regular practice, because, they will start expecting the gifts always.

All the best.

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