Lost 2 kgs in a week

Apr 23, 2015
Hi Friends. I'm happy to share that I've lost 2 kgs withing a week's time. I did not do any GM diet. My diet is quite easy. Following this diet made me feel very energetic. I dont crawl for food now. I'm loving this diet a lot. Here is wat I followed for a week.

7.30 am - Coffee with low sugar(I just Cant live without this)
9.00 am- Tender Coconut/oats with buttermilk
11.30 am- Sprouts/1 Tupperware full of fruits
1.00 pm- 5 Chapathis with Tomato Chutney
2.30pm - 1 cup Buttermilk
4.00 pm- Any 1 fruit like Apple/Watermelon or Carrot/cucumber
6.30 pm - small Orange 3 no's
7.30pm- 4 chapathi with Curry leaves chutney

Water - I drank 2 litres of warm water daily. Weekly twice I replaced buttermilk with Spinach curry(without coconut). Whenever I felt like missing rice I had millets.

I dont hav time to do exercise, so in my office I started using stairs instead of elevator. With this diet I have lost 2 kgs in a week. This is my second week. I will post my results by end of this week.

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