Love at first bite


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Love at first bite

The next time you sign up on an online dating site, watch out for pick up lines invented to cater to foodies.

From the subtle 'Can I have some wine with your cheese?' to the desperate 'I love your ingredients' or 'You can butter my bread anytime' - As cheesy as they may sound, they are here to stay. Courtesy a new online dating trend which is seeing a gradual increase in the number of sites dedicated to finding the perfect recipe for love for foodies.

What's out there?
Eater Dating is a site dedicated to online dating for foodies. In Sweden, Springwise pairs up singles to share leftover dishes or ingredients, creating an eco-friendly dinner date. Restdejting, where suitors are invited to enter five ingredients left in their fridge and are paired together on the basis of their leftovers. OkCupid which has a foodie test to help find you a match who shares your love for food.

Does romance begin in the kitchen?
Not necessarily says, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Varkha Chulani, adding, "These sites have one facet that may connect you together - love for food. Many people look for people with similar interests to date and mate with, since the effort to 'make the relationship work' is that much less. Commonalties in their minds bind and what better way than to have a common ground - the kitchen. You would be surprised how altering tastes create difficulties in relationships - he is a health freak and wants to eat 'right', she a food junkie and couldn't care less what she puts in her mouth - these variances can be a recipe for disaster. Because the couple are at odds about how they should be eating and since meals form a significant aspect of many people's lives, it can create trouble with this mismatch."

Pros and cons of such sites
Have a common connection:
However trivial it may sound, lifestyle choices be it in food or ways of living can put significant pressure on relationships. So the very fact that you meet on an online food site can augur well for both of you, says Chulani.

Interest alone isn't the way to bond:
To that extent if your ONLY choice for meeting a prospective is because they have similar 'taste' then you may well be setting yourself up for trouble. Temperamental mismatches contributes significantly to poor relationships. So you better be on the look out for someone similar in 'nature' rather than someone similar in mere interests. Because in the long run opposites do not attract, like minded people do a lot better over the long haul. Online dating has its pros and cons. Social skills, ability to get along, attraction, etc, has to be tested in person. It's all very well to 'hide' behind your computer, but quite another story to meet face-toface and build relations. That requires confidence, interpersonal skills and much more!

Ingredients for a successful relationship
Dr Kamal Khurana, a psychologist and a relationship coach, says, "Yes these sites are a good idea to an extent as far as initiating a date is concerned. Food is something that most people can easily comment on. So this fusion of dating and food talk is an interesting concept. As far as the relationship goes, it starts after the bonding over food. The concept does work well to initiate the date, but afterwards the relationship will have to go through the normal pattern of accepting each others personality traits - values, likes and dislikes, aspirations, behaviour patterns etc. Relationships need partners to connect on all these virtues and being able to accept and love the person for what they are. These dating sites for foodies have a limitation. Only connecting on food is not enough. Couples need to know more about each other to find out points of similarities and differences. Enjoying the similarities and accepting the difference is the only recipe for a successful relationship."

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