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May 30, 2012
Hi guys iam starting this new post where i'll be sharing my love story.

Everybody falls in love at some point of time in there life……some stories have happy endings & some have very sad ending.
I too have my story to tell.There is no particular reason for me telling my experience but i think its a story that should be shared with others.So here I start…..



My name is anji.Me & my family used to live in a rented house in a place called annaram .Now you may be thinking as mystory is started in 1997…what would be my age now…well it’s 28.

As all other boys of my age,I used to study & play cricket..these were my daily routine till the day when sravani came into my life.Sravani was my house owners granddaughter.To be in brief my house owner was having 10 sons & 5 daughter’s (quiet a big family) …all of them lived separately at different places.Our house owner used to live with his wife.

One fine morning when I was sitting infront of my house when 4 girls went into my houseowners of those girl was shravani..She used to visit her grandfather’s house on every year’s summer vacation.Although I previously spoke to her on her previous visits but we were not that was just hi & bye….

You might have heard it before…but still ‘love just happens is not preplanned.’.I got all the symptomps of love….my heart always wanted her to be in front of me…fews days passed by …deep in my heart I felt that she was made for me & god has sent her here only for me…So it was time for proposing….but there was one problem….. I was not having any experience …to be frank I was not able to say my feelings to shravani although my heart was telling thousand words to her…

I decided somehow I had to let her know abt my fellings… I took help of my friend’s ..BABU,NAGENDRA….shravani used to speak with my friends …so one fine evening babu & nagendra visited my house…we used to spend time near a tree which was just beside our house… there was some seating arrangement under that my friend’s met shravani there…they started the conversation…they spoke to her for almost 1 heartbeat was increasing as I was only able to see them & was not able to hear anything…as I was sitting infront of my house…. So finally at 8:00 pm….shravani went into her grandfather’s house….went near babu..till that time nagendra left that place as he was having some….i immediately bombarded babu with my questions….”what happened?”..”Did u inform her abt mylove?’”what did she say?”.

Babu asked me to calm down…..he told what he spoke to her in that 1 hr?”anji, I started my conversation with movie SUSWAGATHAM’ which I saw today…I told her that how hero deeply love heroine & complete story….& at last I told her that a boy who know’s her loves her that badly…. Next question which came from her was ‘who is he?’..So I told your name…I asked her to give it a thought…& take her time… she stayed there silenty for few minutes…. After that she told that she needs some time to think….so I asked her to think all night & give her reply… next morning… “

Babu said,”I don’t have any idea..i can’t tell you what would be her response”..'go have a nice sleep..hope for good 'were the last words told by babu that night…after that he left that place…

As expected all night I was not able to sleep .At last at 3:00 am I got some sleep.Early morning at 5:30 am srinivas chary knocked our door.Srinivas chary was one of my friends.every morning we used to go for jogging.He was also shravani’s distant relative-cousin).He was aware of myself & shravani’s story.After jogging I came back .I was about to enter the maingate of our house,I saw shravani was sitting infront of her house brushing her teeth.To reach my house I had to cross her grandfather’s house…so somehow I gathered some courage & started walking towards my house..i just turned to look towards her to see what she was doing.She was continuosly staring me .Somehow I reached my house,had my bath.

It was 9:30 am..i was waiting 4 nagendra or babu as they told that they would come to know her reply.Time was passing I went to nagendra’s house but found that nagendra went to marriage with his family & another sad news was that even babu was not available due to some family work.I went completely blank.My heart was continuesly asking me questions..’what should I do?’I came back to my house.At 11:30 am one of my friends shafi came to my house.Main problem was that most of my friends were aware abt my story so everybody had there own idea’s…So mr.shafi gave me one nice red rose(ofcourse he stealed it from one of his neighbour’s garden) & he told me that

‘dekh re rose jake shravani ko dede,agar rose accept karli to dawat karle,nahi to gupchup baith ja’(see anji,give this rose to shravani,if she takes it have a blast otherwise just shut your mouth)

I kept that rose with me .i was waiting for right opportunity to give her that rose.One thing a boy never should do is to love her neighbour.whenever I went near her to give her that rose either one of her relatives would beside her or mine…so like this time went like a rocket speed…finally in the afternoon srinivas chary & nagendra came to my house.Nagendra told me to just stay at my house for few minutes & they’ll find abt her reply…as srininvas chary was shravani’s relative..he used to visit there house.So he went inside there house & after giving some excuse shravani & srinivas chary came outside there house & sat under the same tree where babu had told abt my love to her.

Shortly after 25 minutes..nagendra came to my house & asked me to come outside.I went near the tree where those 3 were sitting.Srinivas chary came just few steps forward & took me beside & told,

‘anji, just now spoke to shravani abt u ,iam sorry anji but her reply was in negative.she told that not interested in love & she would like u to remain as her good friend’

I was silent for few minutes…soon after that srinivas chary & nagendra left that place & one of shravani’s relative called her inside.I sat under that tree for more than 1 hour.I don’t know but somehow tears were pouring down from her eyes.

After one hour somebody called my name from back..i looked back & saw shravani was standing behind me.She asked me’anji will you be speaking with me after this?’
I don’t know what made me say this but I told her,’please go away from here’.

I was badly disturbed disappointed by her refusal.i stopped talking to her.. like this few days passed by… day nagendra came to my house & spoke to me..he told..’anji why are you not talking with her.ok I agree she has rejected your proposal.but it’s not compulsory that one accepts your immediately.have patience.See you should need to talk to her.She has to know you first.only then she might reconsider her decision.i’ll call you in the evening & I’ll make both of u speak again.’

In the evening nagendra called me.Shravani was already sitting under that tree.we all sat quietly for few minutes.After that nagendra stood up & told,
‘let’s forget everything ,let both of u be friends again’

She lifted her right hand towards heart was telling me’no anji..dont shake hands with her..u might just end up like a friend after shaking hands’…but my mind was asking me shake hands as it told that after doing that I will always have chance to know her well & may be she might get some feelings towards me.So this time my mind won over my heart.I shook hands her although I never told her I would remain like her friend.So with the help of nagendra things became normal.i was again on talking terms with shravani but I always wondered abt this girl.If needed she could her told relatives & had me beaten up or there was always an excuse of not speaking to me as i had already stopped talking to her but she did neither of the two.

Few days passed by…one day at 8:00 pm shravani came to my house & told that next morning she will be leaving to her house (vanasthalipuram).It was a very sad news for me.i was just getting closer to her.i asked abt her address at vanasthalipuram.she gave the name of her school.

I asked her,’will you forget me’
Guess what was her response!
Her response was like this,
‘I may forget every other person with I spoke here but I will never forget u’
Actually this sentence really confused me..i was not able to undersand the real meaning of that sentence.

Next morning shravani left annaram.i was standing beside her when she was boarding bust.Feelings inside me were terrible.I was felling very sad.

Days passed by ,months passed …I was a different person now…24hrs I used to think abt her studies got disturbed.

3 years passed by but shravani never came back between me & babu went to vanasthalipuram & tried to locate her with her schoolname but it was of no use.
(i will continue my story asap) if u guys are intrested
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May 30, 2012
Re: My first and last love

Hi guys,iam back with my story,Sorry for telling the story in parts but as of now i can only tell u my story in this way.Hope u guys understand.
So Where was i!

3 years passed by but shravani never came back between me & babu went to vanasthalipuram & tried to locate her with her schoolname but it was of no use.

Year 2000

My father was transferred to bhongir.We had to shift to ghatkesar which was near to my father’s working place.I had no choice but to shift with my family.So we shifted to that place.All my friends met me previous evening before leaving.

GHATKESAR….it was a completely different place.With no friends,cricket..i used to spent most of my time at home.I used to visit annaram once in 2-3 months for some family work.whenever I used to visit that place(tree) eyes used to start searching for shravani but it was of no use.

Year 2002

Two years passed in ghatkesar.By this time I had made few friends in ghatkesar.One of my close buddies was RUPESH.Rupesh was our neighbour.

Once when I & rupesh were going for enquiry abt gas cylinder..rupesh asked –‘anji have u ever loved anybody?’

I told my story to him.Rupesh asked –‘is there any chance of shravani coming back to annaram?’

I told him that only chance when shravani would come to annaram would be death of there grandparents.(Yes Yes I Know that its not correct on our part to hurt someone for getting our happiness,but frankly it was just slip of tongue.


I was having dinner at my home.Suddenly my father came(he went to annaram that day) & told that our annram’s houseowner (shravani’s grandfather) has died few days ago.I was shocked in dibelief..but soon I recovered.And by till now you might have guessed what i was going to do!!!

Next morning I was in annaram…after leaving the bus I started walking towards my previous home.My heart was pounding at high speed.I was asking so many questions to myself.I entered the maingate of our previous house.i directly walked towards one of our former neighbours.They were tamilians.I entered there house..wished them..sat there quietly waiting for her to come.I don’t know but I was so sure that she would definetly come to this house to see me.

Within few minutes one girl with ash colour chudidar was standing right opposite me.OMG ’IT WAS SHRAVANI’.

First lines that came from her mouth were –‘How are u?’

My reply was-‘Iam not fine’

She asked : why?

My reply was : Bcoz you were not there with me & I had waited too much to be happy.

Shravani:- Anji we’ve met after 5 long years,why are you talking like that ..what do u want anji.

(actually in these 5 years that 15 year old shy anji was gone forever I was 19.I was now more open ,straight forward & confident, I had learnt my lesson..When you are in love ,you should have dare ,courage & moreover confidence to express your love nomatter whatever may be results..there should not be any mediators or translators in love)

So my reply was:

I asked her: Shravani all these years I waited for u to ask this question,now iam asking you directly…

Shravani do you love me or not?

The response that she gave was ,

Shravani:-‘ I previously told that I would only like you to be my friend & I don’t have any interested in love with my own problems.’

My reply was

Anji:I agree shravani that I shook hands with u that day but I never told that I would be like a friend to u.I only wanted to be in touch with u.
I would like to tell you one thing shravani,(I don’t know how it came from my mouth but it came) so here it is,

Telugu Language-

‘Manam pala to chai cheya vochu kani
Malli chai to palu cheyalemu’
Nenu ne loverni lover lagaane untanu friendla undalenu..ala undina adhi nanu nenu mousam chesukunnate,endukante friend ninchi lover kavochu kaani lover ninchi friends kaalemu,oka vela yevaraina aina adhanta thrash’


‘We can make tea from milk but we cannot again make milk from same tea’
I was you lover & I would stay like your lover.i can never become your friend again.if I tell that iam your friend then I would be lying to myself..moreover ‘ A friend can always become a lover but a lover can never become friend’ if at all he says that he’s a friend its all trash.’

Shravani stood silently till all my talk was over..probabaly she was little stunned by the way I was speaking bcoz she might have never expected me to speak like that.
All this was happening right infront of our neighbours.You may call it goodluck but they were quite supportive of me..

In the meantime one of shravani’s relative called her & she told me:-‘anji I’ll come back .wait for me for few minutes’

I told her that :- ‘I waited for u for all these years ,these few minutes would not be a big matter to me.’

So like this my love story was again on tracks.
Now travelling from ghatkesar to annaram was a routine to me.Sometimes I even used to stay at my neighbour’s house.I was somewhat mad this time,my only aim this time to get shravani at any cost.

I used to speak with her regulary.everything used to be normal with us excluding love.
I used to tell her ‘you are born only for me & you should only marry me,incase if you marry some other person,I’ll kill him & kill myself’

This was my mentality at that age ,if u need it get it at any cost.

During one of our conversations….i asked her address ..& surprisingly she gave me her address…she told that she would be leaving for vanasthalipuram after 2 days…due to some work I was not able to visit annaram for next days..worried whether she might have left annaram ..i went to was big place & it was quite tough for me to find her in this place..but I started searching her house finally in the eveing I found the lane where her house was located but there was one problem.She was not aware that I was in vanasthalipuram & I cannot go inside her house directly.I was running out of options..i decided to have a walk towards her lane & there was always a chance that she might see me from her house.

So I started walking towards her house.When I was almost near her house suddenly shravani’s elder sister came outside.She knew me as she also used to visit annaram frequently.After seeing her I thought of turning backwards but I don’t what made me ask that but I asked her like this’

‘excuse me you are our owner’s granddaughter na!
In the beginning she was visible confused but later she recognized me.i asked her a glass of water in the hope that she will ask shravani to bring the water but 'bad luck' her younger brother brought water for me.) slowly I drank water & my eyes were searching for shravani but she was not there.

Dissapointed , I left the place.Next day I again went to annaram & found her there.She told that all her family member’s left for vanasthalipuram but she was left behind for few days..

So after few days she left for vanasthalipuram & my route shifted to ghatkesar to vanasthalipuram.
I used to visit her place daily.Used to sit in bakery beside her house waiting in hope that she would come & see me.

So my daily routine was roaming around her house whole day.

Once when I was in vanasthalipuram..I called nagendra who was working in STD booth at that time.He told me that shravani & her friend were planning to go for a movie(matinee show) at nearest theatre.Shravani was having landline at her house but very rarely she used to lift the phone.

There was a theatre (sushma )…..near her house…I called up one of my friend p.srinivas to be with me.We waited anxiously at sushma theatre for shravani.Show was abt to start.suddenly a auto entered into theatre premises.Shravani was sitting inside that auto.As soon as she came out of that auto she saw me..she was stunned,surprised..she walked towards ticket counter.even I went towards ticket counter. Though she was giving money to buy tickets but i took tickets for 4 of us including shravani’s friend.

We went inside the theater.Movie was ‘JAYAM’ & theatre was full.It was very hard to hear anything.I sat beside shravani.My friend srinu was sitting on my right side & shravani’s friend was on her left side.

15 minutes after the start of movie I started asking her abt my love.She told me..

‘anji I very rarely watch movies,let’s watch this movie,morever this is also a love based movie’

So I stayed calm throughout the movie.Movie was over. I told her that I was leaving & left that place with my friend..
Next day I sat lonely at my house…gave a deep thought abt my life.

'What iam doing? Where iam going?Is this only life?

I answered myself--Certainly this is only not my life.I decided Some decision has to be taken immediatly in my love Coz

'No. You can not make someone love you by begging them to stay. No matter how much you want them to love you and even if they decide to stay if it's not there it is just not there and you are just prolonging the inevitable.'
May 30, 2012
Re: My first and last love

So after few days shravani again came to annaram..i also visited annaram that day & requested nagendra to ask her to visit his house for only few minutes as nobody was present at nagendra’s house.

Shravani obliged. She came to nagendra’s house.we stayed calm for few minutes after that I started talking:

‘Shravani,only I know how much I love u from the age where I had no idea abt love I knew that time it may be attraction but that attraction turned into love & iam afraid that it may turn into madness’

‘Shravani,it’s always right to love someone but it’s not right on somebody to force somebody to love bcoz then it would not be love & ofcourse it’s not compulsory that the person who you love will also give u the same response’
‘Shravani,these many days if I had disturbed you iam extremely sorry but it was only with the intention of getting u & nothing else.I had seen many girls in these years but u see nobody had that something which is in’s so unfortunate that u never got to know me…but anyhow this is what I came here to tell you..from now I will not disturb you..i wil not ask whether you love me or not…bcoz now it’s not important for me whether u love me or not..the main thing is that I still love u & will love you till my last was my first love & you would be my last love.BYE………………’

After saying this words I left that place & never spoke & saw shravani for many years…

Yes guys Iam stopping my story for now but would be back with my remaining story asap.Hope u understand.
May 30, 2012
Re: My first and last love

Hmmm so iam back with my story,yes i know my story is bit lengthy but what to do coz its not's my life so here i continue my story

After saying this words I left that place & never spoke & saw shravani for many years…

I was disappointed ,broken but I was happy that at last it was has so much to offer …I started looking towards life…I was never angry with shravani..bcoz at the end of the day was her life & it was her decision….

YEAR 2006

Years passed by & I was badly searching for a job.Somewhere deep in heart ..i was thinking by now shravani might be married till now & may be she will also have her kids.In all these years I never went to vanasthalipuram..although I was in touch with my annaram’s friend’s.

By this time I was having my first mobile phone.One day I received a call from nagendra.

Here’s what he told:-

‘Anji…I had received a letter today’

I asked him;-who has sent it?

He’s reply was:Shravani sent it.

I told him that I would not like to go back towards that path..asked him to ignore that letter.

But he requested by saying

‘anji pls come once..just meet me..we’ll see what's written in this letter....what’s wrong in reading the letter’

So I agreed ,next day I was in balanagar(the place where we used to meet)

…I reached balanagar.i went to the café where nagendra & p.srinivas were already waiting for me.After few minutes nagendra opened the letter.I’ll briefly tell u what was mentioned in that letter…

‘Nagendra how are u?iam fine here.Sorry for not keeping in touch with u all in all these years due to my own problems.Nagendra,how is anji?Is he still in touch with you?If he is in touch with u then please somehow convince him to call me once on the below mentioned numbers(she provided her neighbour’s number),Iam not sure whether he’ll call or not but still ask him to call me once’

After reading that letter,nagendra immediately fired one line…’anji..pls call her once..what are u waiting for..don’t waste all these years which u spent loving her…I sense something good is going to happen’

Nagendra called her that day..but i refused to speak with her bcoz I was not mentally prepared to go back into my past.I asked him not to give my mb no. to her .

I went back to home..sat quietly for sometime.

Till this time I was more that 20 years old…but as you all know ‘dil tho bacha hai,thoda kacha hai’.Somewhere deep in some corner my heart was pleading with me to call her once.I was getting too anxious to know abt her..what happened to her in all these years.

So one fine day I took one of my college friend deepika’s help to call her…she dialed the number ..asked shravani’s neighbour to call shravani once…the moment shravani took the call deepika gave the phone to me…& my response after that was..

Hi are u?

Shravani:-Iam are you anji?

Anji:-well ……………iam fine was my response.

After that I asked her

‘shravani had your lunch,what is the curry at your home’

& these were only words that spoke to her till next few days whenever she used to call me.Forgot to tell u that stupid nagendra quietly gave my mobile number to shravani.

Fedup with my usual response..shravani asked me once…’anji why do u always ask same thing whenever I call you’

My response:- bcoz there’s nothing more left to speak with u..all my words are over for u.

After few days I again received a call from her.

I’ll tell what she told..

Shravani:- Anji..there’s a movie running in a theatre.Movie is bommarillu(its a superhit telugu film starring genelia,siddharth).iam going to watch that movie tomorrow…’will u come to watch that movie with me’

My response:-Sorry shravani,I have a interview scheduled on that day.i would not be able to come to movie with u tomorrow.

Shravani: Anji complete your interview & come ..we’ll go for a matinee show.

My response—ok..we’ll see.

But really I was not too keen on going with a movie with her.i still remembered what happened to me whenever I met her after long durations.

Next morning –6:30am

I was sleeping.Suddenly I received a call on my mb.I received the call.There was a girl on other side & here’s what she spoke to me.

‘Hi anji,iam sarita.probably you don’t know me but I know you.Iam shravani’s friend.Sorry to disturb u this early morning but only reason of me calling you is ‘pls come to watch movie with us’.

My response- ‘I appreciate u for taking this pain & calling me this early morning on behalf on your friend but really I do have a important interview to I already told shravani that I’ll try to come to theatre but iam not sure but anyhow thanx for calling.’

After few hours I left for interview.By 12:00 noon I had received 25 missed calls from different public booths in vanasthalipuram.The thing was that shravani was not having any mobile with her & everytime she wanted to speak with me she has visit any nearest public booth.So in the process I had saved almost all the public booth numbers which were around her..except one from which she called at 12:10 pm …I was not aware it was shravani..i lifted the call & then..

‘See anji,I know u r too busy a person to spend few of your precious hours with me & I also know that u r knowingly not picking up my calls.But still one last time iam asking you’will u come for a movie with me?’I don’t need your answer now.Movie will start at 2:00 pm.I’ll be waiting for u at sampoorna theatre.Somehow my heart says that u will come to theatre’ & then she hung up the call.

My interview was over.I started my journey to ghatkesar.I boarded bus at secunderabad.I was still in some sort of a shock with her strong response.Bus reached Uppal x roads..there were two roads at Uppal x roads.One was going to ghatkesar & one was going to vanasthalipuram. If i had to say in other words to my life which i had to chose now

I don’t know what happened to me but I left that bus.Boarded another bus which was going to vanasthalipuram.My body & mind had lost control over my heart.I was not sure what I was doing…It was like somebody was pushing me from behind.

At 1:50 pm I reached sampoorna theatre .It has been so many years since I had seen her.My eyes were searching for her.After few minutes I saw a girl with white chudidar &pink chuuni.. It was the same shravani which I saw few years back It was 2:00pm show started.I immediately purchased one ticket.

Theatre was not that full as Bommarillu had already completed more than 50 days.Shravani & sarita were sitting in balcony row.I slowly went near them & sat near shravani.

Her EYES----my god there was some magic in those eyes.Pat came the reply from her’I know u will come anji’

So movie started…I was watching the movie & she was looking at me as if expecting from me.(u don’t know how I was feeling at that time)I remembered the scene many years ago at sushma theatre(jayam –movie) scene was totally reverse.Suddenly she took my hand into her’s..literely I was shaken from was only second time in all these years since I touched her..i asked god ‘oh god what are you doing..pls don’t play another cruel joke with me’

It went on till the climax of bommarillu.You remember the scene na when genelia leaves sidhartha from his house leaving him heart broken & there comes a song…(oh sorry guys its a telugu movie so may not everybody would have watched this movie)






As soon as this song started I took my hand from her & told that ‘this song clearly tells what I think abt u now’ & left the theatre.


I again received a call from a public booth from vanasthalupuram. I picked up the was SHRAVANI & here what she told me---

‘Anji I have too many words to say to you but too less coins with me.I don’t now at this point it’s right or wrong on my part to tell u this but it’s almost impossible for me to keep it with me,I don’t know what would be your response but still



May 30, 2012
Re: My first and last love

Shravani:- I know u would be surprised to hear to this & may be shocked but it’ true iam in love with you not from now but the from the time when u met me 2nd time when my grandfather died.

The time when your babu told abt your love to me then neither I was aware abt you & at that age I really didn't knew what really love was..but second time when u met me I realized what love is not preplanned it just happens & it happened to me.But being from a normal middle class girl I was afraid abt my family ,I was worried that they will be getting a bad name & they might not be able to bear it.’

‘But after u left me after telling those words at nagendra’s life completely changed.There was sudden change in my family member’s behaviour..i was not allowed to go outside.Even if it was something urgent then anyone of my brother’s used to escort me.My studies were stopped.I was virtually a prisoner in my own house.I asked god thousand times’what wrong I had done to be in this position’ but I never got any answer.Overprotectiveness had gone too far in my’s hard to believe but my family members think if I would allowed outside somebody might lure me & take me away from them,so they opted for this absurd option.’

Only two of my friends are allowed in my house & rarely iam allowed with them outside’

‘All this changed my way of thinking towards love & life.I asked myself this question’Why should I sacrifice my life & love for these people who don’t care abt my feelings,who never understood my emotions.In that darkness I was able to see you.You are the one the who loved me with no limits from the day we met till now(if you are).’

‘Anji finally I would like to one thing ..i don’t want to lose you..but still it’s your life & you have every right to take your decision.But if your reply is no..then may be I will be most unlucky girl in this world..I’ll call u again tomorrow morning..u can give ur reply then..all my coin’s are over…bye gud night’.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…what should I say…….I was stunned,surprised,amused,happy..offo………everything at that point of time….you know naaaaaa

I just can’t express how I was feeling at that point of time…..So whole night I didn’t sleep but not like last time when I was tensed abt her reply to my proposal many years ago but with the joy,happiness & little bit tension abt my future.


I received a call from shravani & she asked,

‘Anji, iam waiting for ur reply’

My reply was:-Shravani I told you few years back that even if don’t love me I will be still loving there no question of not loving you & by this time you would be aware how much I love you.I just can’t tell u how much happy iam now after getting u but……………

Times has changed 15 when I loved basically I had no idea what love was & 2002 when I again met u I knew what love was but I never looked beyond that but now it’s not only abt loving…I don’t know abt others what I think is that when u love somebody u have to hold that hand firmly nomatter whatever hurdles you face in life..i’ll hold your hand till my last breath but I have few questions for you!!!!!!

See iam not having job..i may get some job soon but even then it might not be big job…but if my time is good I may get a good job at some point of time.So will you be able to adjust with that?

I will speak with both of our parents regarding our marriage if they agree well & good but incase if they don’t agree…will you come with me?think abt it bcoz it would be a life changing decision & you have to really trust me.

& Last but not least,there will be so many problems you may face after coming with me…are u ready to face those problems?

Response from shravani was…..

‘I know u would ask this questions…iam ready for everything..for all your questions my answer is YES.’

So rather than telling my love story …OUR LOVE STORY BEGAN….

Soon I got a job in Pagepoint services.

One day shravani called me & told ..

‘anji it’s really getting very tough for me to speak with u from public booth as there as there is constant fear that somebody from my family may see me & moreover iam not able to speak freely with u from a public phone.I want to speak to you for atleast few hours without any interference.Could you manage a phone just for 1 day?After 1 day kindly take that phone back.’

Well I was having a job now…so why to ask mobile to someother person when I can buy 1 for that time reliance offer was going on—‘buy a mobile & get 2000 minutes free’.So I buyed that phone.

As planned I was waiting for shravani near the bakery where she told that she would be taking that mobile.basically since the time of her proposal 1 had only seen her twice due to family conditions…by seeing I meaning only seeing ..if she was in a market with her mother..i would be standing beside her at some distance as was her mother was not aware that her future son in law was just round the corner.

At 5:00 pm…she & saritha visited that bakery.It was so tough for us .I & shravani were looking at each other with a good amt of distance between us.My friend santosh who came with me,gave the complete phone kit to shravani’s friend saritha..we left immediately after that.

At 7:00 pm I got my first call from shravani from that reliance number.I picked up the call &

‘Anji,what u have done?why did u purchased a new mobile,I only asked a mobile from u for only 1 day,I can’t keep this mobile would be very dangerous & risky.please take this mobile back.’was the response from her.

& my response was—

Telugu Language[/FONT]






Guess !!!!!!!!!

Shravani kept that mobile with her although later I understood her problem.It is really very tough for a girl to secretly keep the phone at her house.It was very tough for her to recharge her battery..but hat’s off to my girl ..she did it…

So time passed by..i used all the networks where anyfree offer was provided,reliance,tata,airtel…everything….only source of us of keeping in contact was phone…on my every week off I used to visit vanasthalipuram to just see her at her home..if we were lucky we could see eachother closely in market with her mother beside her.


JAN -29[/FONT]

Few days back I got a job in htmt & jan 29 was my first day at office & it was also my birthday.My birthday was celebrated by my office colleagues but at that time my body was present but mind was absent bcoz I would have loved to be on shravani’s side on my birthday..but I was destined to be here.I would never forget this days as in the evening I lost my newly purchased 6070 nokia mobile.all these happened just in one day.

After that my daily routine was—11-12 hrs office,5-6 hours—talking with shravani on phone & rest sleeping although very less.

Gifts were shared betweenus..i gave her bangles & amt to purchase something called patiala dress as it was not possible for me meet her regularly.


Almost 7 months passed by.We were unseperatable.we forgot abt everything.In these months there were very few instances where we met directly & talked for few tell u..once in a bakery & in chilkoor temple (we just took 101 rounds so that we can talk)……..

I was aware that time was running out & at some point of time I had to tell my love to shravani’s & my parents but I had to be ready for any unexpected event.So I applied for personal loan.

JUNE 29-2007[/FONT]

Everything was going fine that day…I was having morning shift.i logged out at 3:00 pm & reached home at 4:30 pm.

6:30 pm same day[/FONT]

I was speaking with shravani & one of my friend came to me & asked to come outside for some urgent work.i told shravani that I would be back within 1-2 hrs.As my mobile was having low battery.i switched it off & went with my friend.

8:30 pm same day[/FONT]

I came back to my home.immediatly switched on my mobile.i tried calling shravani as I told her I would be calling her at 8:30 pm.But her mobile was switched off.9:30 pm-10:30 pm-11:30 pm..tried tried tried but still her mobile was switched off.Not able to believe but I was sensing something really bad was happening out there.

JUNE 30-2007[/FONT]

12:00 am midnight[/FONT]
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Re: My first and last love

Sorry guys for not updating my story as i was bit busy with my work ,anyhow here i continue my story

So where was i???[/FONT]

JUNE 30-2007

12:00 am midnight

I was worried ,tensed thinking what would have happened at shravani’s place..’why her mobile was switched off’ idea whatever..

Suddenly at 12:00 am mobile rang…I picked up the call & then………..


Who are you?where do you stay?were two straight questions which were asked by the person who was speaking on other side.His voice was very rude..he was drunk….as it was midnight & I was in my home I told him to call back in morning as I would not be able to speak with him & disconnected the call.but I again received a call from same number…I decided not to pickup the call..that night from 12 to 1:00am I received 20 missed calls from that number.

June 30

4:30 am

Just one hour back I got some sleep & suddenly I got a call on my mobile…it was shravani…without wasting a single second I picked up the phone but there was no response for few minutes from other side & after few minutes she spoke just one word in a very low voice..

Anji………,suddenly somebody shouted loudly in the background & call was disconnected.

June 30

6:30 am

Till this time atleast this was clear that something really bad happened last night..after 4:30 am I was not able to sleep.I decided to attend office & wait for few more hours before taking any I was having morning shift I boarded a bus & I was almost near my office when I again received a call on my mobile & it was again shravani..i picked up the call & then…


Anji,my family members saw my mobile & asked me abt the mobile.I told them brother in law & sister are coming to our house today.’you go to office & ask for 1 week leave,I’ll call u again .

I was silent for few seconds as I was still not able to believe u but somehow I asked..then how come you are calling from same mobile?

Shravani:- I told them(family) that I would just make one call to you to inform u & they gave phone to me.

Myself:- Shravani are u alone now?

Shravani:- younger brother is standing beside me & listening to everything that we are speaking…ok I’ll call u later.

I was confused & not able to decide what should I do next…I decided to attend office first & tell everything to My TL.So I visited my office(HTMT) & spoke to my TL..told him that I would not be able to attend office till some period (as I was not sure when I would be back or whether I would be back).In office everybody was aware abt my story.My TL asked to to atleast stay for half day & he’ll speak with manager regarding my problem.

I stayed back.Every minute was like a hour to me.

12:00 pm

At last I left office.I immediately went to a ATM.As It was 30th I got my salary..i withdrew all the amt from the amt.It was something around 8000/-rs.

I was thinking..thinking…

12:45 pm

I decided to call ASHOK.Ashok is one of my friends from ghatkesar.I don’t know but somehow I thought he would be the person on whom I can depend on.Basically ashok was very independent person.He lived life on his own terms.Being the youngest child in there family..he was given everything he wanted or asked..So I called ASHOK & told him everything.His response was …

‘ok we’ll wait for some time till she calls again.after we’ll decide what to do.’

Same day I met ashok .we discussed everything related to my story.Ashok told that his father in law(his mother’s brother) was a leader of a local party in vansathalipuram.He told that he would speak to his father in law.With his influence he can convince shravani’s parents for marriage.I agreed with words.As ashok’s father in law was very busy person was difficult to meet him but somehow we decided that we would meet him after 2 days.

1st july

8:30 am

I was sitting in ashok’s room.Ashok used to stay in a room in uppal.Mostly he & his friend ankit used to stay in that room.

I received a call on my mobile that was shravani but she was calling from someother number.This is what she spoke…in very low voice

‘Anji,pls come’s very hard for me to stay here.anything can happen any time’

Call was disconnected…

I was motionless…her voice ..her voice there was lot of pain in her voice…something has to be done immediately but what should I do?These were the thoughts running in my mind.This was not a movie where I can bash all her relatives single handedly & take her with me.It was real life.

Observing my tension ..ashok came up to me & told that he would try to meet his father in law tomorrow & we’ll speak with him.

2nd july

9:00 am

As told by ashok we were in ashok’s father in law’s house (vanasthalipuram )waiting for him.i had never met this person before & I was very nervous.At 9:30 am ashok's mama came out of his room.He was a big man with well structured body.Dressed in complete white clothes he was standing tall.

Ashok stood up & called him..he showed his hand & asked him to wait for some time as he was resolving some local dispute.So we waited for him for another half an hour.Finally at 10:00 am he came to us & asked us to sit in his car as he was leaving for some meeting.we sat with him in his car.

Ashok was hesitating to start the conversation or maybe he was nervous as it was the first time that he was telling something like this to his father in law..but somehow gathering some courage he started….

ASHOK:--MAMA…he is my friend anji.

MAMA-Hello (was the reply fromhim)

Ashok took another step:-Mama he is in love with a girl.she lives in vanasthalipuram.few days back her family got to know abt their love affair & since then she is being kept in her house & harassed.

‘What should I do now?’ was the response from MAMA.

ASHOK:-‘ You call her parents & speak with them’

MAMA suddenly turned towards me & asked me

‘what do you do’

I told him …

I work in a call center’

He again asked..’and how much you earn’

I was about to reply but ashok gave a quick reply to mama before I could speak anything…

‘10 to 12 pm mama’ was ashok’s response.

My actual salary at that time 8000/-pm.

Mama:’So with 10 to 12000/-rs your friend is ready to marry her & set up a family’

‘YES’ was response from both of us.

Till this time MAMA’S car was in L.B.NAGAR.Mama asked his driver to stop the car & spoke to us..

‘See iam very busy for few days..but I’ll try to find time me in 2-3 days’

ASHOK:-‘But they will torture her mama’

MAMA:- ‘Let them torture.They are her parents.what do u expect from them.They will not congratulate her …This is not a joke..u don’t do any silly thing..wait for some time..every thing would be fine.’were the last words of mama that day..he left us at L.B.NAGAR..

I and ashok sat in a hotel.Quite confused, worried(me) as ASHOK’S mama was not in a hurry.Ashok turned towards me & told me..

‘anji we will wait for few more days.lets see what our mama will do.i know u can’t wait but have patience…we cant take any rash decisions as this is not small issue’

3rd july

6:00 pm

We were sitting in hotel in vanasthalipuram.We decided that we would meet mama next day.We came out of hotel & suddenly mama’s car stopped in front of us…mama was sitting inside.Mama asked…’where is house of that girl?’

Within seconds we were in mama’s car & car was moving toward’s shravani house but then suddenly I got a call from shravani’s mobile…

‘lift it..lift it’ ashok was frantically telling me.

I picked up the call & shravani spoke…

‘Anji,my family has agreed for our marriage.They are asking u to visit our house so that they can speak with u’

I was so happy & elated that I immediately told her..

‘we are near your house & we will come to ur house within few minutes’

Immediately after that our car was in front of shravani’s house..shravani’s house was in 2nd floor.

Stop the car….stop the & ashok were shouting loudly but car never stopped.

After few minutes ashok’s mama asked his driver to stop the car at a different place litte bit away from shravani’s house.Me & ashok immediately came out of that car.

‘Why didn’t u stop the car?’’ashok asked to mama’

‘you fools..are you out of your minds..what do u think of them.This is just a trap to find you.Only way to find u is through that girl..they are well aware that if they tell her that they are happy with her marriage she would definetly call u & u will denitely visit there place.Once when u will in there house u both would be beaten black & blue or may be killed.Any how iam a leader in this area…it would not be good on my part to visit to some girl’s house & ask for her marriage.Wait till Tuesday..on that day I will call her parents & speak with them & convince them.until then don’t do anything.i warn u don’t do anything which would harm u guys.’

Mama left with his car & we were still in the middle of road & I again recived a call from shravani…I picked up the call…

Shravani:-Anji where are you?are you coming?

Myself:- Tell your family that I’ll not come today.i’ll bring my elders on Tuesday(5th july).

Suddenly shravani’s brother in law snatched mobile from her & asked abt my caste

Our families belonged to different caste.So I told him abt my caste.He Started abusing me & I was able to hear lound shouts from her family members.

May 30, 2012
Re: Share your love story here:)

Where are you now?tell us? Shravani’s family members were frantically asking us.Ashok took phone & spoke to them ‘we will not tell u where we are now but surely no matter what happens we will visit your house on Tuesday’

Shravani’s brother asked ashok to give phone to me,I took the phone…shravani was crying loudly..

‘anji..please come anji……please anji……I can’t stay here’she was litrally pleading with me.

‘Tell him that you don’t love him’each one of her family member was shouting & maybe beating her in the background.’

Something within me was saying…Go anji go…beat everybody & bring her with u..but practically that was not possible at this time.So I just told her one line…

‘shravani..shravani…pls wait for one day..i’ll be at your house on Tuesday & speak with your parents’call was disconnected by one of her family member.

5th july


4rth july was probably one of the longest day in my life.At last 5th july arrived.We were sitting in balcony in the house of mama.Today me & ashok decide that something should be done at any cost as time running out .This time we were not alone.50 of our friends(mostly ashok’s) came to support us.all of them were sitting in a nearby park.

So ashok’s mama came out & immediately sat in his car.we ran towards him & ashok asked him’what mama u told that u would speak with girl’s parents?’

Mama gave a normal response..’see I have very very urgent meeting..keep patience I’ll call them as soon as possible’

Ashok:-No mama,we can’t’s already too late ..that girl might do something to her.I’ll bring that girl.

Don’t even think of doing that..i’ll kill u if u do it…was the strong response from ashok’s mama.

Response which he gave, mama looked of no use to us.We went back to park where all our friends were staying.Everybody was giving there own ideas.

‘I will go as salesman & as soon as I find that girl ,I’ll sign her to come down’ it was bluntly rejected by one & all as it was too risky for a single person to do that task.One of my friend anil knew one person from arya samaj who was well versed with these type of things.He too gave us a advise…see let’s directly speak to police,there is a chance that they may visit that girl’s house & ask her whether she was harrased & if yes they will bring her to police station & here both of you can tell abt your love to them..surely they will help you.

Everybody agreed for this.

12:00 noon

Vanasthalipuram police station

I,ashok & mr arya samaj were standing in front of S.I.MR.Arya samaj told everything to him.For this S.I’s response was…

‘obviously her parents will not agree to her love..& they will oppose..we can’t do anything for you…instead of that I would give u one advise…’don’t go anywhere near that girl’s house bcoz if you are caught definetly they will break your bones’

We were shocked by the rash response S.I gave to us.He was in no mood to help us or may be he was one of those who opposed love.

1:30 pm

We were running out of options.Suddenly Ashok picked up his mobile & dialed his mama’s number & here’s what he told to him….

‘Mama,we are going to that girl’s house.if she will come with anji both of them would married & we’ll come back to police station’

It might be due to frustration from us mama gave nod to us…sometimes when your emotions are running high you only think one way that’s what happened to us….

So plan was ready…me,ashok & three other friends(these were selected bcoz of their strong physique) would go inside shravani’s house.There were three exits from shravani’s building.On every exit two guys would be waiting with their bikes & rest of them would wait at a nearby place.We decided not to take all of them (50) to there (shravani’s) house bcoz it was very small lane & there would be confusion & chaos if any untoward incident happens.

Just before leaving to shravani’s house ashok spoke to me’anji as I spoke earlier,if shravani comes with u well & good but if she refuses you should never visit this place & you should forget her..bcoz you can understand what we are doing .i agreed for whatever he said.

2:15 pm

Shravani’s building

As per plan everybody were on there place except 5 of us.We went on 3 bikes.We parked our bikes right in front of gate & started climbing.We were not having any sort of idea how many people would be there in shravani’s house & what would happen to us.

Slowly we climbed upto 2nd floor where shravani’s house was situated.Without wasting anytime we walked towards shravani’s house.We entered shravani’s house..her mother was sleeping in hall.She immediately woke up from her bed & started shouting’santosh..santosh’(santosh was shravani’s younger brother).Santosh was in bathroom.He immediately came out of bathroom only with towel covering his body.

Who are you? Who are you?..santosh started shouting loudly.

‘Iam anji.’I came forward & told.(until now nobody was aware how I looked ,so identified myself)

Santosh immediately tried to take his mobile but my friend ashok snatched mobile from him & another one asked him to sit quietly.Due to his heavy personality he was silent for few minutes.

Suddenly everybody looked towards me…until now there was no trace of shravani .There were two other rooms in there house.I Searched for her in both the rooms but for no use.

Where is shravani?i asked in stern voice to santosh.

Santosh—my sister went to shirdi.

Ashok—don’t tell lies..she was in this house till yesterday .

By this time crowd started gathering around there building.Sensing trouble ashok told

‘anji..shravani is not’s better we leave of no use ..asking them they will not tell anything.’

Immediately we left that place.While we were leaving santosh took his phone & inform his other family members like this…

‘we were attacked..come soon…they are leaving’

I was extremely disappointed ,saddened,frustrated.shravani was not there at her house.All that we had done till now to bring her was of waste.only line which was on everybody’s mouth was’ratri ratriki mayam chesinru’(she was vanished in the night itself).

We came too far to go back.Thousand questions were running in my mind.’where she has been taken?what would have happened to her?Suddenly something struck me..i immediately turned towards ashok & told…

As this is there family’s internal matter they would not have taken her any of there distant relatives.Only place where they could taken would be her brother in law’s (sister’s husband) house.

I was having shravani’s brother in law’s mobile no.(she once gave his number to me).He was using airtel network.As I told I was working in HTMT (Airtel call center)…very easily I got the address of her brother in law.There house was in saroornagar.So our next destination was saroornagar.By this time I received ‘n’ number of calls from different mobiles & whenever I lifted the call & I used to get extreme abusive words from other side.

4:30 pm


We reached saroornagar & started searching for shravani’s jeeja’s (brother in law's)house…after 20 minutes we found the house.

Situation was completely different here..This was slum type area.All the doors were closed from inside.So I went to there neighbour’s house..& asked one lady….where is srinivas chary?

Her reply:-he is presently not at home.who are you?

Puzzled by her question this came out of my mouth..

‘iam his cousin’

Iam his come I don’t know you…tell me who are you?...was the strong response from her…

We turned backwards…started walking fastly.That lady was continuosly shouting from behind.We were too nervous to do anything like we did at shravani’s place.

Utterly disappointed I,ashok & friends left that place.By 7:00 pm everybody dispersed to there places except me & ashok.As everything came to a halt we realized what we had done…there was every chance of shravani’s family lodging a complaint against us.Only person who could save was ashok’s mama.
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Re: Share your love story here:)

I know guys you might be little frustated with me as iam posting my story in parts but there are certain reasons for that as it a long story and if i post it in 1 go u guys might not be able to read it in one go and moreover i need to find time to type everything and unfortunately i cannot write everything in one go due to lack of time so pls bear with me and i would try to complete my story asap.

So where was i??

10:00 pm

We were waiting for ashok’s mama.I was expecting some rough words from him but he was calm & told

‘ don’t worry…I’ll take care of that(case if lodged)..but what really matters is that you should now inform family abt your love bcoz tomorrow if suddenly if you are taken to police station & they are informed abt that they would be shocked.So go to your home,speak with them..convince them..if you are able to convince them then it would be very easy for me to convince other side.’after that we left mama’s house.I stayed back at ashok’s room.

JULY 6TH 2007

9:00 AM

I was in ghatkesar.only & only thing which was in mind at that time was to convince my family at any cost.There was some sort of madness creeped inside me.Somehow I wanted to reach shravani.

I reached my home.i from my childhood never ever spoke anything directly to my father.But you know as I told that something was there in me that was giving me this much guts to do these things.

I was sitting on sofa.My father was about to leave to office suddenly I spoke…daddy I want to speak to you.

Surprised by my father sat down opposite me & asked me’yes tell me what do u want to ask?’

& here’s what I told him….

‘Daddy iam in love with one girl.Her name is shravani.i will only marry her.i want you to agree for our marriage.’

Each one of my family who was busy in there works came running towards hall.There was pin drop silence in my house.

‘Premalo paddavannamata’(so you fell in love)..was the response of my father.

Myself-Yes iam in love with her & as I told u earlier I would only marry her.I will wait only till 11:00 am if your answer in no..then I will commit suicide.

They (family) never saw me like this before.Nobody was speaking except my father…

‘Ok it’s ur wish ..if want to die,go to hell but I will never agree for this marriage’

(Even now in this modern world..there are people who firmly believe in caste & separate love just bcoz of cast..our families were one of them)

Most of our close relatives stay in ghatkesar…so matter spread like wild fire to them & by 10 :30 am everybody was in our house.Every body was giving me useless lectures…poor souls they were not aware what was happening inside me.

11:00 am

Sensing that there was no chance of my family accepting my wish…I suddenly stood up…started walking towards another room.after entering in that room I tried to close that room..immediatly my sister pushed me & everybody came inside …everybody was shouting,…louldly…….

My father realized that one thing that would satisfy me would be ‘YES’’s what he told..

Ok ra I will agree for your marriage but what abt that girl’s parents.are they ready for the marriage?

If at that I would have told them abt the past incidents which happened in past few days….situation would again come down to same point. So here’s what I told …

‘Yes they agreed for marriage..but all of them are presently in tirupathi on vacation .After 10 days they will come back & speak to u’.

It was hard to believe but they kept quiet.So somehow I was satisfied that my family has agreed for the marriage(for the time being) & only hurdle was shravani’s parents.

For my parents I was still working in HTMT.So next day I again left for office(ashok’s room)..

Days passed by but there was no info abt shravani’s whereabouts.we tried everything we could but was of no use.During these days I mostly used to stay in ashok’s room.

July 11th 2007

Evening time

I & ashok were sitting in his room.suddenly I got a call on my phone.ashok picked up the phone .The person who was speaking on other side was very soft in his is what he said….

‘Why are you harassing that girl’s family?I personally spoke to that girl & she clearly told me that she was not loving your friend & he is harassing her .’

Ashok:- There is no way we can trust can do 1 bring that girl infront of my friend & asked her to tell same things that you had told me now.

Person on other side spoke…

‘what makes u so confident?what proof u have to prove that she loves your friend?

Ashok-We have too many proofs to prove anything that u want us to.

Person on other side ….

‘ok well then do 1 thing …tomorrow morning you bring whatever proofs with u to the police station.ill bring the girl let’s see who is true.’

It was risky but only chance we had.So that night I spoke to everybody who was related to me & shravani & almost everybody came forward.i was having 1 letter which shravani had sent to nagendra & I was also having few of her everything was ready for tomorrow.I decided not to go to my house that night as I feared that my family may not allow me to go outside.I stayed back at ashok’s room.That I received 50 calls from my house..but I never lifted any call fearing that call would force me to go back to ghatkesar.

JULY 12TH 2007-


9:00 AM

We decided to first visit ashok’s mama’s place bcoz there was every chance that it might be trap for us & we also needed some back support.So we were waiting for ashok mama to show him our proofs.

Suddenly one car stopped right infront of there house & two persons came out of that person was having big iron rod in his hand.He was my cousin(bava).He started shouting loudly …seeing him I ran towards him …asked him to go back … but he catched my hand & was forcing me into car.In the meantime Ashok’s mama came to spot & asked all of us inside.After seeing him my cousin became silent for few minutes.All of us went inside…

‘His father is serious & he is roaming here’

That was the last thing I was expecting.after listening to that ashok’s mama asked me to visit my father first …told that he would try to speak to people on girl’s side.

Without any intrest I left with both of them ..leaving ashok behind.

10:30 am


I was not taken to any hospital.instead I was taken to one of my cousin’s house who was in that car.i asked them why they brought me here but there was no response from any of them.

11:00 am

I was sitting in the hall suddenly my father came inside the house.He was not alone..with him was the whole battalion of elders of our place including Ashok’s father(ashok;s father was my father’s friend).My father was in good condition & was not serious.I realized it was just a ploy to bring me from there.Soon everybody sat surrounding me.

So every body started giving me one nice bhaasan(lecture) abt ill affects side effects whatever you may call of love but for every question I gave equally strong reply.This went on till half an hour.My father realized that it was waste speaking to me.He stood up & told everybody…’he will not listen..lets go to his friend’s mama& speak with him’

So everybody left that place except me & my cousin.

2:00 pm

After few hours my father came back.Other people were not there with of my relatives told me that they spoke to ashok’s mama & he asked us to wait for sometime as girls family asked for some time.

Somehow I was destroyed from inside…I was not having enough energy to cope with all this.’ I said to myself..what wrong I had done to see all this’

I Was taken back in a car to ghatkesar.This time when I went inside my house nobody shouted at me.there was only silence.For me everything was dark infornt of me.That night I told everything almost everything abt me & shravani to my parents.There eyes were wide open in disbelief.just few minutes after this I received a call on my mobile….i went outside & picked up the phone….person who spoke on other side told this…

Iam Sridhar reddy from crime brach.i want to speak to mr.anji.

I gave my phone to my father & came inside ..he spoke to mr.sridhar for 10 minutes & came back & told that shravani’s family has lodged a complaint against me for harassing them & this person has asked me visit L.B.NAGAR police station tomorrow.

I was shell shocked..i didn’t say anything after hearing that.

July 13th 2007

8:00 AM

Next day my father took me to hayathnagar.He asked me stay there for sometime as he would be going to police station to speak to the person who called previous my father & my cousin venkat rao left that place & returned after 2 hrs.

My father sat quietly but my cousin came straight to me & told that with great difficulty they had convinced the L.B.NAGAR S.I that I would not visit shravani’s place & he has kept his passport as a surity.He also asked me to give my mobiles (I had 2 mobiles at that time).At that time I was only having 1 mobile with me & other one was lost in previous day’s hulla gulla(it was told by my father).I gave the mobile which was with me.By afternoon we returned home. Mr.venkat rao(cousin) also came with us.That night venkat rao spoke to me personally & told that he himself has gone through this in his youth & he understands my feelings & sooner or later he will again try to contact shravani’s parents & will speak abt marriage to them.He told that he can’t give any timeframe for that .
May 30, 2012
Re: Share your love story here:)

From that day onwards words dried from my mouth.I lost everything..i was not able to find any reason to live.I was just like any other object any other thing in house.I stopped talking to all of my family members,lost contact from outer world as I was not having mobiles with him & moreover I was not allowed outside.Worried by my condition my family took a faraway village to see some jaadu tona mata….& there it was certified that there was some mohini effect on me & my life was in danger.of course she also gave us some lemons to rub,eat,drink.Immediatly after returning I took those lemons & threw them outside & refused to use them.

This went on for few more days & one day when I was sleeping suddenly my sister came up to me & asked me to wake up.When I woke up what I saw was many of my relatives were sitting in our house.Suprisingly I asked the reason for there arrival early morning to my sister.She told that everybody was going to sirsaialm including my family.So everybody came up to me & asked me to get ready ..i was in no position to resist before such huge without any intrst I got ready & Our journey started.After few hours we reached sirsailam.Everybody was watching the beauty of sirsailam but I was thinking abt something else.My father had informed all of our relatives not to give their mobiles to me.I was desperate to contact somebody.Atlast I got my chance,when we were returning from sirsailam we halted near a restaurant father was busy speaking with one of my relatives & others were also busy in something or other.I slowed walked towards a public booth which was behind a vehicle..from that position nobody was able to see me.I immediately dialed ashok’s number.It was almost days 7-8 days since I spoke with him.Ashok lifted the call &

'Hey anji..what happened to you?where were you all these days?your mobiles are also not working…he bombarded me with questions.'

Iam staying at home itself.shravani’s parents also lodged a case against me & my family will also try to speak with shravani’s family after sometime.

Ashok told that 'arey u have been terribly kept in dark' that day your father came to my mama's house but what he told was entirely diffrent.Your father told that they are not in favour of u getting married to shravani & he also told my mama to inform shravani's parents to get her married as soon as possible.

'SHOCK' would have been little word at that time for me..not bcoz that i was not aware what was happening around me but the precision which they executed their plan .
I told ashok that i'll meet him soon.I was very angry at that time.Initially i thought of directly go towards my father & ask him why he was doing all this but that was not a wise thing to do.My first priority was to again become normal(may be atleast act as normal) so that i would be allowed to venture outside.So that evening i was silent.

Next morning....

I woke up early,had my bath..started getting family noticed that i was planning to go outside..immediatly my mother asked.where are u going? my reply was'iam getting bored,i going for a interview,i again want to do a job. As expected everybody opposed my idea except my father.Suprisingly he told 'Let him go'.May be he thought with the srisailam trip i was changed but he didn't knew what was going in my mind.At last after so many days i was out alone..i reached uppal interview place was ashok's room...ashok was waiting 4 his room.It has been so many day since i had seen ashok.We sat together for few hours,i told him what has happened in all these at my home...ashok also told still there is no information on shravani.So that we decided that we would again start our search for shravani but this time with extemely carefull & proper planning.

So i started behaving normally at home so that nobody gets any doubt on me.After 2 days ashok & me went to L.B.NAGAR P.S where one of ashok's friend's friend was working as constable.We met him.During our conversion we asked him abt that case which was lodged against me by shravani's parents.He chkd the details & told that there is no such case registered against me,then i also told him that one of my relative(venkat rao) has taken my mobiles claiming that my phones are being tapped..for this he gave a big laugh...'are u a smuggler or killed anybody,it's completly false story'.After listening to my story he offered his help if required.So one more hiccup was cleared.

Days were passing ...there was still no trace of shravani..there was absolutely no source for us to find shravani & moreover it was also very difficult for us to roam freely in vanasthalipuram as they had seen us but somehow i was in touch with rammohan(shravani's friend saritha's boyfriend).This guy used be stay in that same lane of shravani's house.His house was just in opposite side of shravani's house just few buildings away.Although we didn't had that many interactions but after shravani's disappearence i was in touch with him.

So one fine evening when I & ashok were on the outskirts of vanasthalipuram we got a call from rammohan ...i picked up the call & then

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May 30, 2012
Re: Share your love story here:)

Hi guys,here i continue my story....


were the words from rammohan.'WHEN,WHEN RAMMOHAN,i started asking him desperately'

'I don't know but just few minutes back i saw in her balcony,her brothers were sitting near her.'

'U..UR UR SURE NA....' i asked rammohan in disbelief.

'Yes anji' said rammohan.

' Ok rammohan,keep a close a keep eye on her house & keep me updating if u get any new info,i'll call u later'.

By this time ashok also knew that shravani was brought back.

'Ashok..i want 2 see her...comon lets go near house'

'Are u mad or what' now situation is completly diffrent.There is every chance of us being caught & if that happens u will never see shravani again,have patience'. told ashok.

But he observed that i was completly getting restless .So we took the risk.There was a place near shravani's house from where we can see her balcony but they could not see us.Luckily when we went there shravani was already sitting there but i was at little bit faraway i was not able to see her properly.She was sitting quietly with her eyes on road..maybe waiting for somebody(me).

'GO ANJI..GO ..BRING HER WITH U..' my heart was telling me loudly.

It was not possible.I just can't take anymore risk.So unwilling i retreated from that place.I was also little worried why she was brought back after these many days to vanasthalipuram..where was she all these days....what would have happened to her...what her family was upto..countless number of questions were in my mind unanswered ..puzzling me.

Next morning we went to meet that constable whom we met at L.B.NAGAR...forgot 2 tell u his name was RAMESH.He told that he cannot do anything until she is in that house but he told that few of his friends are working as constables in vanasthipuram p.s.That day after few hours we met them in nagole..ramesh told my story to them... thank god they gave a positive response...This is what they told us,

'See we will be going 2 ur girlfriend's house,we will ask her if she is being harrased & if he loves anybody & if she gives a proper response...we will bring her to P.S. ,u directly come to p.s. there matter would be settled.'

Ashok jumped in & gave them this advise..'see u go to shravani's house..speak to her & if she gives a positive response..bring her outside..we will be waiting for her outside...immediatly she will sit in one of our bikes within 1 hour they would be married ..& we all would be availble at p.s after that 1 hour.'

Stunned totally stunned were the faces of two guys(bhai baat kaun kar raha tha--ashok)(i mean they didn't know who was speaking-ashok) he was like that only.At first they gave a big NO for the idea ...but later they surrendered to our pleadings..atlast there was somebody who was ready to listen & help us.They told that they would do a recce of her house & within few days they would be ready to strike.
We were dead sure that if those guys first plan would have been applied..then at p.s some golmaal would have happened & nothing different would have happened.


So everything was ready.Monday was decided as the D DAY.On sunday i went to venkat rao's house asked to return my mobiles..he returned them..even he was convinced i was completly changed.I stopped at vanasthalipuram as ashok was about come to there & we had to discuss about tommorow's plan.I was waiting at sushma theatre when i suddenly got a call from venkat rao..oh man...why this man is calling now...unwillingly i picked up the call....'Anji your father has suffered a accident at uppal,he has been taken to dilsukhnagar'..come to dilsukhnagar we all are reaching more big more masterplan were the first thoughts came to my mind but u just can't ignore that.I immediatly called ashok & told him...we decided to postpone our plan for the time being.
I went to dsnr father has infact suffered an accident ..he was having a injury on his father although it was not serious....may be god was not also not great fan of he has done this.After treatment that day my father was brought back that day to home.
When these things happen then u cannot immediatly apply those type of we decided that we would postpone it for few days & fixed it on next monday(july30).
Few days passed father was ok now....


I met ashok & we decided at any cost 30th july should be the D day...but there was one thing which was worrying me a lot.Shravani was not in touch with anybody for almost 20-25 days...nobody knew what she had gone through...& suddenly if these constables visits her house & asks her those questions.not sure what sort of reply she would be giving.We decided that somehow she has to be informed about the MONDAY PLAN.We scratched our can we tell her when we can not even see her..leave alone speaking to her...suddenly i remembered that once rammohan told that he used to stay previosly stay in shravani's house & he is still having his house items in shravani's house.RAMMOHAN...he was the man who can do it ,if he wants to do it?

FRIDAY--27th JULY --2007

10:30 am

I was waiting for Rammohan at NGO'S COLONY.I already called him & asked him to meet me at NGO' S COLONY.Rammohan came,we sat in a hotel..i told him what he has to do.I gave him a letter & asked to somehow give this letter to shravani.This was mentioned in letter...

'SHRAVANI...On monday(30th july) 2 constables would be visiting ur house & they would ask whether u love me or not...dont even think once ..they had been sent by me... come with them ..i would bewaiting for u outside..we would get married & will be back in p.s.'

Rammohan agreed but he told that today it would not be possible & he would try to give her that letter tommorow.I told him to try to give that letter to shravani at any cost.Telling that i left the place.

12:00 pm

I boarded a bus to uppal & i got a call from rammohan.I picked up the call.


'Hey what r u telling,u told u would be going tommorow'. i said to him suprisingly.

'I somehow felt that situation was much easy now as nobody except her mother was at shravani's house' rammohan said.

''So what happened had u given the letter to shravani?'

'No was almost impossible for me.Shravani's mother was continuosly standing beside me staring me suspiciously.I tried but it was not possible'

I was extremely dissapointed...this was the only chance through which we could have informed her.I was silent for 2 minutes & rammohan was still on line....

'Anji..anji..don't get dissapointed.... although i was not able to give her that mobile..but i tried to tell her through my eyes'rammohan said.

'What did u told her through ur eyes' i asked him anxiously.

' I told her that anji is fine & ok'.

'How is she rammohan?Is she ok? i asked him .

'I don't know ..i was too tense to observe but i can tell u one thing..there is something in her eyes'

I was pretty dissapointed but at the same time also happy that atleast somebody from my side has seen her.

2:30 pm

I was having lunch with my father suddenly i again got a call from rammohan but i didn't picked up the call as it was not possible for me to speak with him as my father was beside me.I quickly finished my lunch.Took my mobiles with me & told my mother i will be back within few minutes.After walking few steps away from my house ..i called rammohan this time rammohan has given me 5 calls which i had not lifted.Rammohan immedialty lifted the call on the first ring itself....

ANJI...ANJI... he's voice was very tense...

What happened rammohan? why are u so tense? i asked him.

Anji 2 tell u..shravani left her house & now she is in my room.

'ANJI,SHRAVANI HAS LEFT HER HOUSE & NOW SHE IS MY ROOM,MY BRAIN HAS GONE BLANK,WHAT SHOULD I DO? Her brothers are searching for her all around the builiding.

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