Lower Back pain during 5th month of my pregnancy.

Oct 9, 2012
Good morning dears... Tis is nithi.. This is my 5th month of pregnancy. I am experiencing pain in my my right lower back just in the upper botox. When i am trying to walk after my sitting i am having this sharp pain. Is this normal during pregnancy? please advice.
Nov 24, 2011
Dear Nithi

First and foremost please keep your doctor informed about all kinds of pain and get her opinion because physically she gets to examine you.

There may be numerous causes to the particular pain which yes is unfortunately a pregnancy related pain, it could be due to a mild strain in the sacro illiac joint, a round ligament pain or even bearing weight on the buttocks or simply a desk job that requires you to sit continuously for long hours or the increasing curve of the lower back due to the stretching and weakening of the abdomen muscles.

The fact that it comes around after a while of sitting, the intensity of the pain can be reduced by checking your posture while sitting. On the internet practically the only tip I could give you is please place a small cushion and support your lower back that has a small curve and which separates from the back rest of the chair and your hands will fit in that gap. Seal that gap with a cushion or a folded towel.

Avoid sitting continuously for a while and the best person who would know the cut off time is you.

Pain in the back which is posture related or after a while of a certain activity or occurring in between changing positions indicates strain of the joints and is not a cause of concern for the baby.

Once you get a clearance from your doctor learn from an expert and practice gentle stretching of the back and simple back strengthening exercises safe during pregnancy.

Take Care.


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